dream lipsLip symbolises erotic needs, the longing for luck in the love. Red lips mostly point to the fulfilment more secretly of sexual wishes. Only if they are kept back, they promise in the dear grief. Narrow lips should warn with envy and envy.


Sometimes a communication symbol – always one for erotic wishes and her (dreamt) fulfilment, because them are often a symbol of the female genitals. Such dreams Can be simply full of relish and have no concealed sense.



One has to interpret the lips as those people who come up every time to us and welcome us with a kiss. If they suffer damage, is indicated with the fact that it is not ordered around the condition of the people who stand next to us well.



  • bleaches: Rage,
  • pale: you will experience a fright, – also: Renunciation in a dear thing,
  • bleeding ones: you are deceived,
  • is called: your health will suffer,
  • annealing ones: Well-being,
  • dry ones: you wait in vain for your love,
  • move without sound: you must learn to pray,
  • refines red ones: hot love expects you, – (10, – 15)
  • kiss: one keeps waiting you improperly long,


  • beauties, full lips promise to the dreaming some excitement of erotic nature, ugly or very thin lips let know him that he must be content with the present state of his gender life first. In general the sign stands for beginning erotic boredom and discontent with the gender life. (Man

+) (European ones.): if not as an irritant dream, then to understand as a symbol for erotic wishes – colour and heart form are also to be evaluated as symbols, –

  • thick, unsightly ones: if disagreeable meetings, hasty decisions and bad mood mean in the marriage,
  • blossoming, red or laughing ones see: if mean hearty friendship or dear luck, – harmony,
  • pale, wilted ones see: a friendship or dear inclination will cool off,
  • thin ones: signal the coping also of the most complicated problems,
  • closed the mouth tight or dogged ones see: one will suffer from envy, hostility or hatred more different,
  • drily and jumped: bad health of the friends,
  • lighted, swollen ones: if privations and harmful desirability announce,
  • dogged ones: the envy or hatred hurts more different,
  • lipstick: if means quarrel or disagreement with a woman.

(ind.): clarifies: sunny luck, –

  • thickens: watch out for bad tongues,
  • red ones: control yourselves,
  • with blood: you will be slandered.

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