dream labelThe dream of a label deals with the urge of the person to give name to the things and to personify them. His own identity feeling is also connected with the name which one has given him with the baptism. Label can express in scanty summary views, opinions, convictions and settings, – in it prejudices can also appear (one attaches somebody a label) which one should revise. The judgement of people with the help of the brand etiquette, for example, of her clothes is a widespread mistake.

  • If nothing on the label stands, one has probably still formed no opinion.
  • If the dreaming himself in his dream with a wrong label provided perceives, then this shows that to him is clear that he feels not right or judges only by his appearance.
  • labelled he a little bit anew, so this symbolises the correction of his wrong perception.
  • It can concern in the dream, nevertheless, also etiquettes, so around manners, to which the dreaming does not keep.


At the spiritual level the label can give a feeling for his identity to the dreaming.



(European ones).:

  • promises that one will grant to an enemy insight into the private life and must suffer because of this negligence disadvantages,
  • on a box or on a suitcase see: a surprise may expect.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Label

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