A dream about a ladder usually foretells some kind of change in life. It could be a professional promotion or changes in your personal life that are important to you and change your daily functioning.

Ladder – dream meaning

Seeing a ladder

If you see a ladder in your dream, it means that you will overcome difficulties. You may feel tired and take a break, which will positively affect the implementation of your personal and business plans. You will find enough strength in yourself to fight against anyone on your path to success.


Descend a ladder

The dream means that you will experience a significant change. This will be the result of you not losing hope in obtaining new opportunities. Eventually you will get your way.

If you see in a dream that someone else is going down the ladder, it means that you will try to convince a loved one not to give up on an idea that has occupied him for a long time. This person will admit that he does not believe in the success of this project, but you will increase his confidence, which will allow you to achieve the desired results.

A dream in which you see someone climbing a ladder can also mean that you envy someone, such as a colleague at work, who knows how to use his skills and win the sympathy of his boss.

Climbing a ladder

When you dream about climbing a ladder, it means that you will make progress. It will be a very successful time when it comes to relationships with loved ones, you will devote more time to them. You will realize how important family ties are in your life, so you will not let irrelevant events from the past come between you.

Falling from a ladder

If you dream about falling from a ladder, it means that someone is trying to harm you. This is especially true of work.
When you see someone else fall from a ladder it means that you will worry about a loved one. You will do everything in your power to help her.

Jumping over a ladder

Jumping over a ladder in a dream means that recklessness will cost you a lot. Be very careful and do not sign any contracts if you are not absolutely sure what is expected of you. Control your finances.
If you see other people jumping over the ladder, you will witness someone’s bankruptcy. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to help that person, but at least you will show that you understand and support them in such difficult times.


Falling ladder

If you dream about a ladder that falls on you, it means that you will miss a good opportunity. You will believe that you are not ready for such responsibility, and later you will regret such an attitude. It’s better to take advantage of every opportunity.

Pass under the ladder

If you dreamed of walking under a ladder, it means that you will achieve your goal, which will amaze those who did not believe in you.
If you see someone else go under the ladder it means that someone else’s success will surprise you. You have always believed that this person is extraordinary, but incapable of achieving certain things. Appreciate others more.

Ladder under the window

The dream warns: beware of thieves. It can also mean losses, fraud. Plan your expenses well, keep an eye on your belongings. Losses can also involve intangible goods, so be careful what you talk about with whom you talk, avoid people who can hurt you in any way.

Carrying a ladder

Carrying a ladder in a dream is a sign that you are not afraid of hard work. You are an extremely hard-working person, you believe in yourself and hope that someone will soon appreciate your qualities. Through perseverance you will achieve what you planned.
If you see in your dream that someone else is carrying a ladder it means that help is on the way. If you have a big problem and can’t find a way to solve it, someone will help you overcome the obstacle.

To buy a ladder

The meaning of the dream about buying a ladder usually comes down to investing in your own business. It means that you will invest money to make progress in your work. You can buy more high-quality tools or invest in a new project.

To sell a ladder

Selling a ladder in a dream means that you will be able to work less and earn as much money as you need. There is a chance that you will get a better position in the company or move to another company, and the new position will require you to spend less time.

Stealing a ladder

Stealing a ladder in a dream usually means that you will believe that the end justifies the means. You will realize that your ambitions exceed conventional ways of doing business, you will make more risky moves.
According to the dreambook, when in a dream you see someone stealing a ladder from you, it symbolizes a minor injury. Another meaning of the dream warns of the breaking down of some household appliances or a car and the necessary costly repair. The damage may have something to do with ill-considered purchases. You may also spend money on something that will not meet your expectations.

Damaged ladder (broken)

A broken ladder in a dream usually means that you will be surrounded by people you don’t like. You have no reason not to trust them, but you are not comfortable in their presence. Don’t accuse anyone of anything, maintain correct relations.


Repair a ladder

If you dream about repairing a damaged ladder, it means that you will have to face various obstacles and challenges, but this will not stop you from fighting for your own. You do not lack courage, patience and motivation, so you can hope for a bright future.
If in your dream you see someone else repairing a ladder, it means that someone’s perseverance and courage will amaze you.

Throw away a ladder

Throwing away a ladder in a dream means that you are not counting on someone’s help. Someone promised you something, but did not keep their word and you are disappointed. Let this situation motivate you to act independently and achieve your goals.
When in a dream you see other people throwing away a ladder, it means that someone’s laziness and irresponsibility will put you in danger. You are likely to work on a project with a group of people you can’t count on. You will finish everything on your own, but you will be forced to share the profits with others.

Wooden ladder

A wooden ladder seen in a dream suggests that you may make a big mistake at work. Lack of concentration or private problems can put you in an uncomfortable situation. Try to be very focused while working.

Metal ladder

The dreambook explains that a dream about a metal ladder symbolizes the stability you have achieved in your career or relationship with a loved one. Your relationship with your partner or friends is strong enough to survive all challenges. You have gained the trust of many people at work, so you don’t need to worry about your future.

Long ladder

The meaning of the dream about a long ladder depends on the context of the dream, for example, if you see a long ladder it means that you will soon make progress and finally see the results of your work, if you dream about climbing a long ladder – this dream symbolizes exhaustion, so a few days off will be very useful for you.

Ladder to heaven

The dream means that you will reach honors, according to the plan. You will feel very good. The dreambook also suggests that a dream about a ladder to heaven can refer to your spirituality. You need spiritual renewal, getting closer to the church, satisfying your spiritual needs.

Dream meaning: ladder

  • To see a ladder – you will overcome difficulties
  • To descend a ladder – significant changes in your life are coming
  • To climb a ladder – you are making progress
  • Fall from a ladder – someone at work is trying to harm you
  • Leaping over a ladder – don’t be reckless, or you will lose a lot
  • Falling ladder – don’t miss the opportunity
  • Pass under the ladder – you will achieve your goal
  • Ladder under the window – watch out for thieves
  • Carry a ladder – through perseverance you will achieve what you want
  • Buy a ladder – you will invest in a business or yourself
  • Sell a ladder – you will change your job for a better one
  • Steal a ladder – you will be willing to take risks
  • Damaged ladder (broken) – maintain good relations even with those you don’t like
  • Repair a ladder – difficulties lie ahead, which you will overcome with your commitment and persistence
  • Throw away the ladder – someone has not kept his word to you
  • Wooden ladder – concentrate on your work
  • Metal ladder – the time of stability in your life has come
  • Long ladder – you are tired, take a rest
  • Ladder to heaven – you need spiritual renewal

Meaning of a dream about a ladder

In dreams, ladders can be a symbol of gaining new steps, becoming more and more initiated, improving oneself. The height of the ladder is a metaphor for where we want to be.

Dream about a ladder

Your goals may be related to your career, relationships, spirituality, self-development. You may then see a ladder in your dream.


Higher consciousness

The ladder is often seen as a spiritual symbol, especially since it is often quoted in biblical stories, such as Jacob’s Ladder. This story is very popular, and has even inspired many songs and movies.

It can be a bridge between one kingdom and another. For many people, the ladder may seem like a connecting element between earth and heaven.

Others believe that the ladder is a symbol of attaining higher knowledge and wisdom.

Many people also associate the ladder with bridging the gap between darkness and light, where darkness is the negative parts of the self and light is the positive. We can’t be just darkness or just light, but must find a way to balance good and bad in all our actions.

Dreams about a ladder may indicate that it is time to take the steps necessary to find balance in life.


Many people associate ladders with success and achievement. In a dream, it is often a symbol of progress toward a specific goal in your life.

All goals and aspirations require effort to achieve, so it’s important to remember that we can’t achieve them if we stay on the ground. In order to successfully climb to the top, we must be willing to take the next steps.

If you are working to achieve goals in your life, ask yourself: am I doing a solid job? Am I getting to where I want to be? Am I willing to follow the rules to achieve my goals?


Social status

Ladders in a dream can be a symbol of your social status. If you are low on the social ladder it means that others are “higher” or are better than you.

If you are high on the ladder it means you are someone others look up to or are inspired by. If you feel that you are not doing well compared to others, you may have dreams about being stuck on a low rung of the ladder or being unable to climb it.


Sometimes a dream about a ladder can mean that you are very busy working or serving others. Ladders are very important tools in many professions, such as electrician, fireman, carpenter, builder.

If you dream of someone needing a ladder to repair an item or carrying a ladder to a job site, it may mean that you will find it easier to achieve your goals if you use the tools or ask others for help.

Types of ladders and their meanings

There are many different types of ladders. Some are used to climb to very high places, while others may have only 2 steps.

The dreambook pays attention to the type of ladder you see in your dream, how it is used, and even what it is made of. All this will help to interpret the meaning of the dream.

Wooden ladder

A wooden ladder can be a symbol of old-fashioned values and traditions. You can think of past achievements or failures.

Wooden ladders can sometimes be a symbol of someone from another time, such as a deceased grandparent who may have worked as a painter or carpenter.


Climbing a tree on a ladder

If you dream about climbing a ladder to reach the fruit on a tree, it could mean that you are close to enjoying the results of your hard work.

Check the dreambook for related symbols of your dream, such as the type of fruit and the meaning of the tree.

Lifeguard chair with ladder

Dreaming about a ladder on the beach may mean that you are unsure about your current life decisions or feel that you would like someone else to help you with your responsibilities.

You may feel vulnerable or feel that there is someone else making all the rules, and that you are not appreciated for your hard work.

Ladder in the library

If you dream of a library with books where the shelves are so high that you have to climb up to reach the book of your choice, this could be a symbol of your search for knowledge or understanding of a situation. You may be trying to find answers to something that is currently bothering you in your life.

It could also mean that you are becoming more aware of your own spiritual wisdom. Be sure to check the Dreambook for related dream symbols, especially the headwords “library” and “book”.

Falling from a ladder

If you dream about falling off a ladder, it may mean that you are experiencing setbacks and delays in achieving your goals. You may be dealing with feelings of regret or disappointment.

You may feel as if you are not good enough or that you don’t fit in with others. Identifying how a dream relates to your life can make it much easier for you to understand your situation and what you can do to change it.


For example, if you feel that a promotion at work keeps eluding you, you can look more carefully at your situation. Do you come to work on time and are you adequately prepared for it? Are you going above and beyond what is expected of you, or are you barely meeting deadlines?

If you reflect on your situation and realize that trying to make headway with the company is futile, you can start filling out applications and sending out resumes for interviews.

Seeing yourself fall to the ground may mean that you are experiencing financial problems or that your pursuit of success has caused irreparable damage to your relationships with others, such as your partner or children.
While it is difficult to fix past mistakes, we can usually learn from them.

Descending from a ladder

Sometimes in a dream we see ourselves descending a ladder. In such cases, it can mean that you have done something that embarrasses you or that makes you feel inferior to others.

Sometimes it can be a symbol of insecurity about your self-esteem. Consider the events that have taken place recently in your life and take care to gain self-confidence.

Broken ladder

If you see a broken ladder in your dream, it may mean that you have let someone down or feel torn internally.

Something is wrong, maybe you are acting against yourself, or without conviction, or maybe you have lost faith in what you are doing?

Once at the bottom, once at the top

Being at the bottom of the ladder means you will have to work hard to prove your worth to someone.


The bottom of the ladder can also symbolize new beginnings or starting something anew after a recent loss or change.

If you dream that you are at the top of a ladder, it may be a good time to think about how you treat others.

Mystic dreambook – meaning of the dream ladder

Ladders can materialize in our dreams in many surprising ways, they are usually a symbol of goals and aspirations.

The dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about a ladder. Remember that one symbol can have several different meanings. It all depends on the circumstances and other symbols present in your dream.

  • If in your dream you see a ladder lying down or set aside, it means that an excellent opportunity has just come your way and you need to do everything to take advantage of it.
  • A standing ladder is a warning that you should be very careful if you don’t want to fall victim to theft.
  • If you dream that you are carrying a ladder, it is a sign that you will be able to find a way out of some difficult situation you are currently in, while if you do not have a problem now, it is a sign that you will help someone get out of serious trouble.
  • When you see someone carrying a ladder, it is a warning that someone may want and try to interfere with your most important intention.
  • Walking under a ladder is also a warning sign against thieves and dishonest people.
  • If you dream that you are standing on top of a ladder, it heralds a period of prosperity in all areas of your life.
  • When you lean the ladder against a window, it is a signal that on waking you have some secret intentions with which you do not want to reveal yourself to anyone, while if you see it leaning against a window, it is a signal that you may fall prey to some thief or crook.
  • Climbing a ladder foretells success and good fortune, mainly on professional grounds, while descending – failures and setbacks.
  • When you fall down a ladder in a dream, it means that you should act very prudently and be very careful in all situations, because you are in danger of completely breaking down mentally after some failure.
  • If you see a ladder leaning against a window falling over, this is an auspicious symbol, promising that you will be able to avoid great losses.
  • A wobbling or somehow damaged ladder is a warning that you won’t be able to achieve some of your goals if you don’t give up on the matter you are currently planning.
  • If you dream that you are trying to use a wobbly or damaged ladder, it is a harbinger of an unsuccessful venture for you.
  • An unloaded ladder truck augurs prosperity, while an empty one augurs a bad material situation.

dream ladder

To dream of climbing a ladder symbolizes a step up in terms of accomplishments and greater consciousness. It also refers to wealth, hard work, and effort. A ladder may likewise suggest that you evaluate and observe situations from a different angle. Alternatively, it symbolizes contemplation and prayer. You are reaching greater heights in reference to your spirituality. The ladder may also represent ‘climbing a social ladder’ in which you rise to a level of greater influence and power.

To go down a ladder in your dream indicates that you are avoiding your spiritual responsibilities. It denotes frustrations.

To dream that someone is holding a ladder for you symbolizes the significance of other people’s help in your rise to prominence and success.

To fall from a ladder represents the difficulties, risks, or disappointments in your endeavors.


To notice a broken ladder refers to a chain of unfortunate incidents in your dealings. You are not confident in your ability to reach your objectives.

To dream that you used a ladder to escape suggests an accomplishment of your goals despite seemingly unending obstacles.

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