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Meaning of dream Ladder :

dream ladderTo dream of climbing a ladder symbolizes a step up in terms of accomplishments and greater consciousness. It also refers to wealth, hard work, and effort. A ladder may likewise suggest that you evaluate and observe situations from a different angle. Alternatively, it symbolizes contemplation and prayer. You are reaching greater heights in reference to your spirituality. The ladder may also represent ‘climbing a social ladder’ in which you rise to a level of greater influence and power.

To go down a ladder in your dream indicates that you are avoiding your spiritual responsibilities. It denotes frustrations.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Ladder

To dream that someone is holding a ladder for you symbolizes the significance of other people’s help in your rise to prominence and success.

To fall from a ladder represents the difficulties, risks, or disappointments in your endeavors.

To notice a broken ladder refers to a chain of unfortunate incidents in your dealings. You are not confident in your ability to reach your objectives.

Dream Symbols : Ladder

To dream that you used a ladder to escape suggests an accomplishment of your goals despite seemingly unending obstacles.

Ladder - dream interpretation and meaning
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