dream limpAssociation: – Work on the freedom of movement, – one-sidedness. Question: – Which balance try I to produce? Which side do I develop?


If you have not exactly a gypsum leg or similarly real impediment (what can become apparent absolutely also in the dream), it is a tip to a mental injury: a painful cause for limited freedom of movement. They want to keep still ‘rather, as long as it still hurts so’. It is to be taken literally and a reason to do to himself good and to spare – what always you understand by it. As a vision is able limping on special spiritual abilities as well as on the ‘mind whom always denied’ point. Who limps, that makes progress on his life not too fast and cries maybe about that instead of pulling together himself and fighting with energy against the bad I, own cowardice. To see limping (Lame ones), mostly points to problems of the everyday life which one himself causes, – often appears in the fact that one makes the life needlessly difficult to himself. In almost all fairy tales the devil has a clubfoot. Indeed, however, ‘fist’ is shown of the Mephisto in Goethe also as a being with above-average intelligence. The soul tries to compensate in the reality like in the dream physical defects with psychic strength. Limping people in the dream often reveal also own arrogance with which one appears towards disabled person.




  • you is too one-sided, this brings danger.
  • even: quick execution of a matter,
  • see, person or animal: Difficulties with your plans.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a thwarted enterprise, – it would be better to wait for time and for good wind, and to protect itself in addition from disgrace,
  • limp: Decline of the shops, – also: be confronted suddenly with a small annoyance to which Li> from a lot of joys takes,
  • others see limping: the behaviour of a friend gives a hard time, – small defeats are concomitants of this dream.


  • see themselves: Dishonour, you will bring yourself around your good call,
  • others see limping: you will get in embarrassment.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Limp

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