dream lambThe proverbially patient, meek animal symbolises a conformist, fate-devoted behaviour and can be understood as a tip that use themselves the dreaming (and manipulate in the interest more different) leaves. Partly also appears in the fact that one feels threatened from the unconscious. It is an old religious (above all Christian) symbol for victim. Also it is a warning before the role of the innocence lamb, this unlooked at everything what ‘eats’ to him others move forward. Who behaves ‘lamb-devoutly’, could be torn to pieces by ‘lamb vultures’.



    he will marry

  • Finding somebody a lamb, a woman after his heart.
  • he gives away

  • the lamb, he will be separated from his wife, either by the death or for any other reason, – he sells the lamb around a weight to gold, he will be divorced because of a disagreement from his wife judicially because the gold on the scales is weighed.
  • Finding or somebody takes a lamb in itself, he will get a most ardently desired son, – he eats lamb meat, he will attain imaginary wealth and take pleasure to blossoming health.
  • it becomes

  • Finding one a whole herd of lambs, overjoyed his according to their number.
  • see or lead: you will get to do it with a good-natured person, – also: one should be anxious to assert himself stronger than up to now,
  • see hopping: Children will please you,
  • on the pasture: happy life,
  • one worry: your work yields profit,
  • several worry: one inclines to abuse the good nature more different, – not to span a warning, the curve,
  • look: a child gets lost,
  • see slaughtering: violate your activities not by mercilessness,
  • slaughter: do not give up your hope prematurely,
  • with cross: you will find out help and consolation.

(European ones).:

  • or lambs see: says that one can reach to unexpected wealth if one give and contently of his work follows, – also: one is too good-natured,
  • on a green pasture herumspringen see: symbolised pure friendship and joy, – farmers expects a rich harvest, all the others a full profit entrainment,
  • see nursing with: joy waves by nice and intelligent house comrades and charming children,
  • see sleeping: Fear and fear,
  • a lost one: is valid as a token for a wilful protective-ordered, – is careful in all what one does,
  • see in the blizzard or rain: points out to disappointments where, actually, joy and improvement were to be expected,
  • one hear bleating: somebody speculates on your generosity,
  • worry: if cold and calculation can express, – one is virtually inhuman honestly, however,
  • lambskins: stand for comfort and pleasure at the expenses of other,
  • see blood on the white fur: Innocent ones must suffer by betrayal and crimes more different,
  • dogs or wolves a lamb see tearing: Innocent ones must endure the suggestivenesses of wilful contemporaries,
  • kill: Illness,
  • slaughter around his meat because of: one will exchange prosperity for satisfaction,
  • see a dead one: – there threaten grief and loneliness,
  • owner of lambs be: may hope for happy and profitable times,
  • on the arm carry: are loaded with the worry about others which thank, nevertheless, for it effusively,
  • lamb chops eat: Be a sign for an illness and the fear around the welfare of children,
  • Dreaming a woman that you draw off to a lamb the fur and discover with the fact that she skins her own child, is too feared that she adds other grief and prepares herself with it herself pains.


  • on the meadow: you will find in spite of your suffering consolation,
  • see lost: you have found what you have searched,
  • the white: your innocence will be were proved,
  • the black: you will deal with opponents,
  • limping: you can be sure that you will find the right way.

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