dream lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli

dream lapis lazuliKey words: Thoughtfulness, – meditation, – extrasensory forces, – spiritual growth, – inside show, – western soul path. Description: Lapislazuli, a blue-coloured mineral, is associated in the medicine wheel with the middle position of the western soul path and with the inside show. Lapislazuli has been used by people close to the earth everywhere in the world to make his bearer or owner for the voices and forces of the mind beings more accessible. His magic qualities and application possibilities were known by the history through in many countries and found appropriate acknowledgment. Lapislazuli was used with especially difficult duties and was processed to jewellery. General meaning: A thorough investigation of your life, in particular concerning your spirituality and your connection with the creator. Association: – Transcendent meaning: Growing admission readiness for the voices of the mind beings, – support to reach deeper levels of the dream work – increasing power in the extrasensory area.



  • loyal love.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Lapis lazuli

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