dream lanternLantern stands as lamp for examination and knowledge which illuminates a situation. She shows us in the darkness the way. One has understood what is to be done. The proverbial light has risen to one. Now one looks after no pointless doubts and acts for what one has planned. It seems to be the right thing, and because one is with the deepest layers of the personality in harmony, it will go also easily from the hand. However, one can also say that one will recognise to steer in an uncertain future if one continues so as before. Or we are cleared up about a situation or about the intentions of a certain person.



  • see not burning: it with hidden things get to do,
  • see going out: one should avoid interfering in foreign matters,
  • went out: you have considered it too long, now another preempted to you,
  • a burning one: if means clarification of muddled matters, – also: you have one more hope, this will save you,
  • helleuchtende: if luck and joy promises in all areas of life, above all in the love, – also: one is on the alert for intrigues which are spun against one, because something will clear up,
  • with murky light: one will experience in dear things a disappointment,
  • carry: one may not be misled from the external light.


  • This dream sign warns about carelessness concerning the other gender. One to says the person concerned that he has lost himself presently in his feelings. If he wants to avoid serious complications, he should pay attention particularly during the next days to have his feelings under control. With it is meant by no means, he should edge out feelings from his life. However, the gender desire may not control his will. (Man



(European ones).:

  • one thinks to itself needlessly, – in contrast to the lamp the lantern can calm,
  • see without light: brings losses,
  • with light see: if promises recognition and wage, – luck and delighted experiences,
  • very brightly radiant: one will get a big examination or ventilate a secret,
  • shop: if a sign is for luck by shops,
  • get as a gift or find: one will discover a secret,
  • carry: if the light is bright and clear, one will get onto a secret, – also: with his good nature many friends win,
  • cloudily or flickering: one is wrong in a thing,
  • going out: one will not be in the foreground in such a way as one would want it, – difficulties approach,
  • trip and, besides, break: one wants to help others, but lose, besides, own hold or been disappointing,
  • clean: it are open to one all doors,
  • lose: stands for bad luck in the occupation and informal annoyance,
  • see which moves radiant in the darkness: if means unexpected prosperity,
  • lose suddenly out of sight: the success will not continue any more long,
  • Dreaming a young woman that she lights the lantern of the lover will have them an honourable man and a comfortable home. If she blows out the lantern from unprecautionary, it will miss a good part.


  • Laterna magica (magic lantern): one deceives you,
  • light: you will ruin an intrigue (conspiracy),
  • extinguish: do not look after foreign matters,
  • burning, carry: sure relations.

(See also darkness, lamp, lighthouse, light) Lamppost


(European ones).:

  • see: in the biggest need a stranger will turn out himself as the most loyal friend,
  • bump against one: one may not be deceived, because, otherwise, enemies to one will press,
  • one on the way see lying: one will have to master many obstacles in the life.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Lantern

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