dream libraryAssociation: – Knowledge, – recordings, – investigations, – the past. Question: – What has the past to say me?


In a certain stage of the psychic and spiritual development a library is an important symbol. It refers to the wisdom and the abilities which the dreaming has collected, but also on the wisdom of the humanity. If the dreaming looks at his life more objectively, he attains a better access to this universal human knowledge. She shows the ‘warehouse’ for the accumulated personal experiences of life and can symbolise the intellect and the kind, as the dreaming handles with knowledge. A well regular library refers to the ability to preserve the overview in mind things. A chaotic, dusty library shows the difficulties which the dreaming has in dealing with information.



A library shows the collective unconscious – everything what is, was and his becomes. It is also looked often as a symbol for the Akasha-chronicle.



  • stay in it: you will deal it with many people,
  • see: you need good advice,
  • own: you reach by diligence to the aim.

(European ones).:

  • own increase of own knowledge or opportunity moreover, – growing discontent with the surroundings and your friends, you will prefer the study,
  • see or in it being: Success, but only after long, serious and tough striving,
  • visit for other purposes, than to the study: Their surroundings with interest in literature deceive and instead of this dubious activities follow.

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