dream judgeAssociation: – To cases of a decision, – wisdom or conviction. Question: – Which decision is I to be met ready? Which part of me is clever and points?

In general:

What released the feelings of guilt around before a judge to stand, can refer to quite a certain person. In this case a tip should be found in the dream. Who was the judge or public prosecutor? Or just was somebody else in the courtroom which was interested especially in your case? Maybe one has been condemned in his dream of the society all together? This is very likely if the judge was a famous personality (e.g., a known television face).



Judge stands often for internal balance and a sophisticated, maybe carried too far justice sense. In particular cases he promises that one the fair wage (this can be, however, also a punishment) will receive. He lays out our words in the dream quite differently than we have meant them. Therefore, care is offered: One should say nothing mindless in the awake life and not sign a contract already at all whose text together with the small print one has not perused twice slowly and thoroughly. The dreaming must check whether that what he has made has really been according to his true being.



  • Dreaming one, he has been appointed the judge, he will be to the Pharaoh in all government shops a reliable counsellor.
  • takes up the people his judgments approvingly, he will get his hatred.
  • he will receive

  • Seeming it one, as if it gives to cost the whip in his judgments, from the Pharaoh the upper order about the war people and power of decision about offices and honour. If he sees himself to the judge about the court officials of Pharaoh ordered, he will win the highest respect.
  • Dreaming to one, he is a judge and dies, he will live long, but lose his faith. If violent fever shakes him, he will get rich in dishonest manner, he has an ill stomach, in danger and poverty get.
  • Dreaming to him, his hands have become longer, his farm-hands will attain power and respect. If he feels half hoary, he will reach higher honour than he owns. If his feet have become longer, stronger and more firm, he will live long and become treacly rich.
  • see general or speak: are moved into regular relations, – the reason and the right will win, – also: one will have to master an extremely difficult job with far-reaching consequences, – also: one has to consider in the next time his words and actions more carefully, – also: one is reminded not to let thrill to rash judgments, – also: warns about selfoverestimation and megalomania,
  • be: one would like to exert himself influence on his people,
  • see themselves as such: one may think through his decisions very carefully, before one explains them.


  • Dreaming somebody, he administers the office of the judge and the people would take up his judgments approvingly, he will climb up to the counsellor of the emperor and acquire his esteem to himself.
  • however, court does not hold

  • Sitting one on the judge’s chair, he will strive for fame and attain fame from the emperor.
  • In court fears and worries go to court prophesied. If the dreaming wins over his opponent, he will throw fears and worries of himself, however, he is defeated, personal things will get to him, deretwegen he breaks the head, not by wish to himself.
  • device one with the judge in quarrel and strikes to him a blow with the sword, he will serve distinguished man and win his goodwill.
  • Dreaming a judge, he is prosecuted for his administration judicially, he will fall critically ill.
  • Seeming it him that his office armchair has become fragile or rotten the danger intimated thereby threatens the emperor.
  • Looking of the judges that his office evening gown is stolen is burnt or completely torn, one will bring him with cunning and malice around office and dignity.
  • , as usual, he appears, always informs he you that you have to master presently extremely difficult duties of far-reaching consequence what will only succeed if you remain continual and imperturbable. Also he wants to warn about selfoverestimation and megalomania. It is a matter of holding together all senses and of mobilising all forces. (Man


(European ones).:

  • see one or with one speak or negotiate: if success and it promises hope exists that one will find his right, – in the next time one should exactly consider everything what one says and acts, because one is observed very critically, – one should not be thrilled to hasty prejudices and considered his words and actions a little more carefully,
  • with deal officially: own good or bad action will soon find her fair wage,
  • to one are brought forward: Disputes are settled by juridical steps, – commercial cases or separation cases can accept huge magnitude,
  • argue with them: Losses,
  • even as one act: Nuisances, – one will choose from two ways just the wrong one, – one should think over very carefully his decisions.


  • Dreaming one, he would be put to the judge about the people, but is not able to direct, he will fall among the robbers, if he goes on a trip. If he is not on travelling, he will get in misery and the most bitter poverty. The emperor will win after this dream over his enemies and offer them the forehead.
  • Seeming one, the judge is, he directs with other masses than the usual, he will come to deeper wisdom and knowledge.
  • Dreaming one, he is directed by an unknown judge, if he preserves everything what was brought forward against him, in his sense, – the unknown judge is because a God.
  • Dreaming one, he tells another a dream, which he earlier once had, he preserves everything in memory what he gets to hear from the person concerned.
  • see: you will have loyal employees,
  • with them speak or negotiate: you will find your right.

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