dream jugA jug shows like all vessels first the female principle. In addition, he also symbolises elements of the motherliness or the protection which the dreaming recognises in his life. It can be in the dream also a change symbol and in him the life water can be contained. The milk pot or honey pot which seems in many fairy tales has unambiguously an erotic aspect. The jug in the dream is always to be seen in connection with the personal situation of the dreaming, therefore, it is to be seen importantly to what happens in the dream with him. The other is he also a symbol for the mental capacity. The dreaming must check in which measure his internal jug is filled with joy, grief, tears, fulfilment and similar one. It is vital what he contains of it.

other meanings are:

  • a jumped jug was centuries a symbol for lost virginity.
  • The broken jug stands for quarrel in the family.
  • The overrunning one indicates at tears (‘tear jug).
  • emptier on the ’empty’ head or the lack of ideas.
  • a full jug indicates, perhaps, at an overfull heart which one gives away without every consideration.
  • liquid from one bury stands for wasted feelings or, however, for feelings which overpower to one.


At this level the jug in the dream embodies the spiritual potential of the dreaming.




  • see: must soon count on grief and worries in informal matters, – possibly a breach of faith of the partner,
  • from one drink: a secret love affair will bring annoyance,
  • on the head: you are very proud,
  • with wine carry: you go to a glad party,
  • break: existing love will change into hatred, – divorce.


  • He is ambiguous. A full jug promises quick prosperity, empty promises basic changes in the next time. With a broken jug a problem comes up to the dreaming. He should see all freedom of choice, but also all responsibility with himself and allow to prevail during the next days the biggest care. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • see: brings tears, – also: one is a generous and witty person,
  • to full ones see: if a sign is always for joy, luck and high spirits,
  • see emptying: the same, but with the following grief,
  • carry an empty one: one will be left by a friend,
  • carry a full one: one will experience a lot of joy,
  • break: meant quarrel in the marriage, – one will lose a friend,
  • from one drink: very advantageously.


  • see: Engagement or marriage,
  • break: you neglect your shops.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Jug

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