dream jealousyAssociation: – Work on the fear of nearness. Question: – Where in my life I am ready to show my vulnerability?


Jealousy may sometimes point out really to the fact that one has reason for it or gives occasion for it. However, often she symbolises in general announcing quarrel and quarrel with other people for which one can hardly go more from the way. Jealousy can be valid as a reflexion of that what the dreamer thinks, his secret fear of having to lose this what he loves.




  • point: you are brainless, – envious people make the life difficult to you.

(European ones).:

  • indicates more or less a bitter life, – misfortune also means in the love, – quarrel,
  • on another person be: difficulties in selfdebt will appear,
  • other on one be: the difficulties are overcome and to everything turn in your favour,
  • for man with jealous wife: Enemies and purblind people have influence about you,
  • of the darling be jealous: They strive to switch off a rival,
  • is a woman jealously on her husband: She will experience many uncertainties and her luck will turn out as a hallucination,
  • Being a young woman on her friend jealously, will turn out that this is impressed rather by the charms of another woman than from theirs.
  • they will experience

  • Being man and woman on each other jealously, in everyday matters many disagreeable situations.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Jealousy

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