dream jellyfishAssociation: – without spine, – passive aggression. Question: – Where in my life I am ready to get more powerful expression?


The jellyfish symbolises a feeling which climbs up from the unconscious and can be very painful. Symbolised a strong feeling of the uncertainty – one does not know and can also not estimate by which (not recognizable) dangers one is surrounded.




  • one is surrounded by a disgusting society and does not know itself theirs ridded, – also like one: backbreaking thoughts and abusive action manners let one suffer, – also: your plan is indecent, gives up this.

(European ones).:

  • a method would be able to a damage, is on the alert,
  • see: health disturbances announce themselves or be surrounded by people for whose help one waits in vain,
  • also: In the circle of friends a rumour about handles. One finds out what it concerns, besides. An honest conversation can move again in the right light.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Jellyfish

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