dream jockeyAn authority’s dream. On high horse to the success. It is also the power feeling of the soul, if the horse does not fall, because the Jockey the horse lets go. Jockey stands for the mental-spiritual forces which determine the life, – according to the accompanying circumstances he can announce success or problems, often he also requests to more self-control.



  • see a riding one: one will soon have to change his place of residence, – also: a put aim will be quickly achieved,
  • to itself see sitting as such on a horse: one owns the inclination to make people of himself dependent, – also: one is reckless and wants to win the running.

(European ones).:

  • you will quickly come to the desired aim, – also: a present from unexpected spring receive,
  • see one on his horse: one is a reckless person who would like to win every life running or other with pleasure from himself dependent makes,
  • overthrows a Jockey of the horse, strangers to one will ask for help,
  • Seeing a woman ride a Jockey with a running in full speed, then she gets an unexpected marriage proposal,
  • a young woman with a Jockey or the lover of a Jockeys is friends, she will have a husband who belongs to another social layer.


  • see riding: you will change your place of residence.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Jockey

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