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  • of ivy to dream, points back to the old image of solemnity and pleasure.
  • ivy, an evergreen plant, often symbolises the need for a lasting, good friendship or love relationship in which one feels secure. Because ivy is a symbol for lasting affection, the dreaming recognises that he must provide in this regard for the satisfaction of his needs.
  • by the wall climbing ivy announces that a respect existed will have and one can count on the loyalty of the other, while the ivy climbing in the tree can warn about wrong friends. As well as the ivy in the dream by a house wall hochklettert the thoughts entwine themselves in the awake life round our advancement. However, it can also symbolise the clinching dependence which develops every now and then in relations.


At the spiritual level ivy symbolises immortality and everlasting life.



Wreaths from ivy are favorable only to theatrical people, – to all others they prophesy because of the tendrils and tangles of the ivy binding or for same reason illness. Decapitation threatens criminals because one cuts these plants with the iron.



  • in general: often warning before wrong friends, a disagreeable meeting or forthcoming illness,
  • clarify, see in trees: unstable friends,
  • rather pleasantly feel by walls: steadfast love,
  • see planting themselves: a friend helps found your luck,
  • plant: one will mourn for the loss of a friend,
  • twist to a wreath: Death.


  • This plant is a very good omen, because she stands for health, security and prosperity by permanence.
  • fresh ivy believes that you can harvest now the fruits of your work. They will enjoy earthly luck in completion.
  • wilted ivy wants to warn you against losing out of sight the values of the life, above all own health, because you have, actually, a too good future before yourselves to endanger yourselves by inattentiveness.

(European ones).:

    on the other hand,

  • hotbed of the insects who suck out one – is the romantic tendril a love nest,
  • more freshly and more green: Luck in love and friendship, – also: good health, provided that the ivy is not torn from the ground,
  • see climbing in trees: points to wrong friends who hang like burdocks on one,
  • see by walls: Connection of an existing relation,
  • twist to a wreath: one has a very loyal friend,
  • of a young woman a lot of honour announces themselves, – then Seeing them in the moonlight on a wall entwining ivy, will have them secretly meeting with young men,
  • wilted ivy: stands for distraught engagements, grief and misery.


  • one requires from you that you fix your matters soon,
  • plant: you will find good people who stand to you aside,
  • see: you cannot complain of your friends.

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