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dream insanityAssociation: – Work on compulsive fears. Question: – Which internal strength is I to be recognised ready?

In general:

Mania often announces that expectations and hopes will not come true. If one feels himself as mad, one has lost in a matter (often in the love) the head and does not act any more rationally.



As a result the insanity indicates in the dream that one books a situation with the wrong sense. One has lost the contact with the true sense and lives in the mania, that is the view of the dreamer passes his reality. The dream symbol insanity is a tip to find a new sense. Now this may be a new life sense or a changed view of the situation. They need to be not afraid, this dream symbol ordinarily registers not that you are endangered of insanity, but only that you must correct your view of the things and situations.



  • experience: unexpected, big monetary entrance,
  • maniacs see: you will not know how you should operate with your friends,
  • be mad: you will commit some stupidity, before your life runs in regulated roads.


  • a basically positive omen: To dream, one is mad, confirms that one is on the right way and should not allow to disconcert himself. Just now it is a matter of remaining loyal to itself and his plans. Tells to dream of the insanity more different that influence causes from the outside delays in the plans of the dreaming and some failures which are surmountable, however, in the long term if the dreamer (also in this case) cannot be dissuaded by his plans and proves as patient. (Man


(European ones).:

  • good premeaning for affairs of the heart, – wishes will come true,
  • are struck of it or his: in a dear matter the sensations and feelings with the mind will go through,
  • keep: catastrophic results announce themselves at a work begun anew, or bad health provides for a sad turn in the future prospects,
  • a maniac: the astonishing news which leads in new surroundings,
  • maniacs see: warns about a deliberate love affair, – also: it appears in outlines a depressing meeting with grief and auxiliary appeals of arms, – one should pay attention particularly to his health.


  • see: Love suffering,
  • be: Luck in dear things.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Insanity

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