Ice Cream

Ice Cream

A dream about ice cream

If you dreamed about ice cream, according to Dreambook you may need comfort, attention, or love.

The dream may also symbolize the pursuit of pleasure. Freud believed that eating ice cream signifies the love of life.


Ice cream often brings back childhood memories. Psychologically, a dream can indicate that a person is still able to enjoy small things in everyday life.

At the same time, ice cream is also a symbol of sensuality and sexual pleasure. Thus, the dream indicates the need for intimacy and the vital importance of the sphere of erotic relations in your life.

Dreambook ice cream

To see ice cream

This dream promises prosperity and happiness in life. Dreaming about ice cream says that everything will work out as you expect. You must remember that to achieve great goals in life, you need to get rid of fears.

To buy ice cream

A dream about buying ice cream means that you will find someone who will make you very happy, it will be an unusual love. If you are looking for a romantic relationship, now you have the opportunity to fulfill this dream. Don’t miss the opportunity!

To make ice cream

Making ice cream in a dream is a sign of family joy. For single people, the dream means that someone will catch your eye.

To eat ice cream

The coldness of ice cream can be interpreted as an attempt to “cool down” emotions, and the need for calm.


If in a dream you were eating ice cream or saw other people eating ice cream, Dreambook predicts happy moments in the family, especially with a loved one.

A child is eating ice cream

A child eating ice cream in a dream symbolizes happiness and success in financial matters and family life. It could be the birth of a child or news related to a move,

Ice cream shop

When you dream that you see ice cream in an ice cream shop and don’t buy it, it means that you need love in your life. This dream also suggests that you are unhappy in your current relationship.

Another meaning of the dream about an ice cream shop may mean that your work will be rewarded.

Hard ice cream (frozen ice cream).

Don’t be preoccupied with unimportant things. Be more patient and consistent, and many things will become simpler.

Melted ice cream (soft ice cream).

Someone is going to upset you and spoil your plans. Try to avoid conflicting situations. Be in control of what you do and don’t delegate tasks to others to make sure they don’t do anything for you.

A dream about melted ice cream foretells unexpected problems, the dream warns that not all projects will be successful, and it means that the path you set was wrong. It is time to change the plan of action before it is too late.

Other meanings of the dream can be read as the appearance of disappointment or loneliness.


Falling ice cream

If in your dream you are the one who dropped the ice cream, it means that you may miss opportunities for promotion or bonuses because of the way you treat some people. Try to be more friendly and tolerant.

If in a dream a woman dropped ice cream, she should beware of admirers, as they may have less serious intentions than she assumes.

A dream about dropping ice cream is a sign that you will be very happy around loved ones.

Ice cream on a stick

A dream about ice cream on a stick means that you have a sense of chaos. Take care of the order in your apartment, on your desk, and in your head. Verify your goals, think about what you really want, and take new directions. Don’t be afraid to change course. Only your courage will allow the journey to be fascinating, but also the destination worthy of attention.

Ice cream waffles (cones)

Dreaming about an ice cream cone means that you will have fun with a person of the opposite sex.

This type of dream is also associated with naivety and with childhood. Dreaming about ice cream cones is a symptom of a longing for a time that has passed and for people who had a lot of importance in your life.

Ice cream flavors

Strawberry ice cream

A dream about strawberry ice cream refers to the red color of the fruit, thus to passion, passion, and love. Pay attention to your relationship, are you sure everything in it is going well? Another dream meaning says that you make plenty of mistakes, someone can take advantage of this.

Chocolate ice cream

A dream about chocolate ice cream means that you will meet an old friend whom you have not seen for some time. However, you should not count on the return of old feelings and relationships.


The meaning of the dream about chocolate ice cream is related to the need for nurturing and satisfaction. You should think about yourself and treat yourself to some relaxation.

Lemon ice cream

The sour taste of lemon sorbet symbolizes the difficulties and efforts you will encounter on your way to achieving your goals. It will be difficult to do or overcome something, but you will manage.

Blueberry ice cream

Dreambook recommends that you take a better look at the situations or people around you. You are missing something, or maybe you prefer not to see it. It’s time to know the whole truth and accept it.

Pistachio ice cream

Dreams about pistachio ice cream tell you that you need to free yourself from the burden of other people’s problems. Don’t get too involved in the affairs of others, take care of yourself first and foremost now.

Vanilla ice cream

If in your dream you are eating vanilla ice cream Dreambook claims that you are a person who gets excited very fast. Such behavior spoils your image and causes false perceptions about you in others.

Cream ice cream

A dream about cream ice cream heralds financial satisfaction. You may receive a raise or extra money. Maybe someone will reward you for the help you have shown them.

Fruit ice cream

You will regain strength and energy for action. If you are ill or have problems with your condition, the dream heralds a significant improvement in your well-being.

Raspberry ice cream

If raspberry ice cream dreams of a woman – it heralds the discovery of some mystery and the unraveling of a long tiresome problem. If they dream of a man – it heralds a sudden influx of cash or a promotion, appreciation at work.


Dream meaning: ice cream

  • To see ice cream – everything will work out in your favor
  • To buy ice cream – you will find romantic love
  • To make ice cream – your family will give you plenty of joy
  • To eat ice cream – you need peace, tranquility
  • Child eating ice cream – you will enjoy family life
  • Ice cream shop – you need love
  • Hard ice cream (frozen ice cream) – be more patient and consistent
  • Melted ice cream (soft ice cream) – try to avoid conflict situations
  • Ice cream on a stick – don’t be afraid to change course
  • Falling ice cream – be more friendly and tolerant
  • Ice cream wafers (cones) – you miss your childhood
  • Strawberry ice cream – pay attention to your relationship
  • Chocolate ice cream – you will meet an old friend
  • Lemon ice cream – there will be some difficulties on your way
  • Blueberry ice cream – you are missing something, learn the truth and believe in it
  • Pistachio ice cream – do not get too involved in the affairs of others
  • Vanilla ice cream – control your emotions
  • Cream ice cream – you will receive a raise or extra money
  • Fruit ice cream – you will regain strength and energy

Dream about ice cream – meaning of symbols

Ice cream is a dessert loved by most of us. Your personal experiences and tastes are important here, lots also depend on the context of the dream and the general mood you experienced in the dream. Eating is often considered something positive, good, and even a reward or form of therapy.

Consider whether you associate eating ice cream with events such as:

  • Rewarding and treating yourself well
  • Sweet memories
  • Nostalgia for the past

Often, when we want to interpret our dreams, it is very helpful to think about their overall theme and mood. What did you feel? Were there any other aspects of the dream that can give you clues to reading its meaning?

Related symbols

Since we usually associate ice cream with frozen treats, it’s worth looking at the meaning of snow as well. Is there something in your life that makes you feel “frozen”? Does someone treat you with coldness?

If you’re dreaming about eating ice cream, also check out what food and types of food mean in your dreams. It may also be helpful to consider the location of the ice cream eating. Was it a park, or a garden, or maybe a house?

What kind of people did you dream about? Often people in our dreams appear as actors – they don’t always represent themselves! Learning about character archetypes can help you understand why someone might have been present in your dream.

What kind of ice cream did you dream about?

The type of ice cream and the way it is served can tell you a lot about the dream. For example, are you eating ice cream in a cone, in a bowl, or straight from the carton?

Eating ice cream straight from the package can mean that you are looking for instant gratification or ways to solve a problem.

The taste of the ice cream may also be a factor. Do you dream about chocolate ice cream? It could mean that you feel like you are being rewarded in life, or that you feel others may not reward you as much as you think you deserve. Vanilla ice cream can be a symbol of security. It can also mean that you like the simple things in life.


What are your personal feelings about ice cream?

Most people like ice cream – but not everyone! If you don’t like ice cream and dream about it, you should think about why it appears as a dream symbol. Is there something going on in your current life that would make you feel the same way as in your dream?

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