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dream incestAssociation: – Fear of the love. Question: – Am I ready to show sexual maturity?


The incest is put under taboo so much that he seldom refers to the physical act if he seems in the dream. The dreaming tries to produce a connection with the personality portion which is shown with the other people (victim or culprit). This is possible only in the protected atmosphere of the dream. Scenes similar to coitus with narrow relatives or even own mother or the father mostly have no sexual meaning. On the contrary, here becomes clear rather that in the relations between parents and children or among brothers and sisters, for example, the warmth is absent in which the dreaming longs to return unconsciously. Incest with a relative can sometimes also be called that this is in need and needs anyway our help. The soul signals as it were that one should look more after him. The incest sometimes circumscribes also the homesickness after the person with whom one has slept in the dream.



In myths and legends the incest between gods and goddesses was an attempt to guarantee the cleanness and energy. If a dream of incest acts, the dreaming tries to clean his own strength or to keep clean.



  • you acts against your nature.

(European ones).:

  • one will lose to respect and also suffer business losses.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Incest

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