The arrival of a child in the world is always special, and a dream about an infant speaks of protection and care.

A dream about an infant is the birth of a new part of you. It can mean, for example, that a period will begin in your life when you will have to make an important decision. It can be related to any area of your life.


Such dreams can indicate a new home or financial issues, and can also foretell the end of suffering.

Dreambook infant

To see an infant

Dreambook translates this dream as a sign that your maternal/paternal nature is beginning to take shape, or perhaps you are already ready to welcome a child.

This dream also shows that you are afraid of separation from your child. You are afraid for them, that they may get lost, get robbed, or have an accident. Overprotectiveness is also harmful!

For a woman, an infant in a dream can also mean a new relationship, a new love.

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the directions of your life, in which case the infant in your dream represents a new project that will make you interested in life again.

Seeing an infant in your dream represents innocence, warmth, and a chance to start all over again. Dreambook also reminds you that the cute little baby is still hiding inside you. Don’t let it disappear.


Seeing an infant in a dream is a strong indication of happiness and peace of mind. You are at peace with yourself and the people around you. If you felt anger, contempt, or negative feelings towards someone, this dream indicates that you have matured and learned that such emotions only bring unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Leave these negative feelings behind and move on.

To have an infant

If a woman (or man) who wants to have a child dreams that she has one, it means that she is preparing to build a family.

Another dream meaning indicates that you need to put aside old beliefs that do not lead you forward, maybe you are too attached to old stories your parents told, to some habits. This is the perfect time to build new opinions and formulate your ideas.

Infant girl (daughter).

If in your dream the newborn baby was a girl, it means that you take on a lot of obligations and feel overwhelmed by them.

Dreambook warns that it is necessary to reorganize your plans, especially if it is worth moving away from routine to avoid future complications.

Infant boy (son).

If in your dream the infant was a boy, it means that you are a strong person and will be able to overcome all the obstacles that will arise in your life. Don’t succumb to pressure, don’t be afraid to spare. Everything will work out successfully.

Infant twins

When you dream about newborn twins, the dream means success at work and harmony in the family.

This dream also means that great love will appear in your life, bringing you happiness and fulfilling all your innermost desires. Another dream meaning suggests that there will be a new employment agreement, which can bring you good assets.


The dream gives you a sign that plenty of good things will happen in your life now. Thus, it is the right time to invest in what you dream so much about.

A dream about the birth of twins in the family predicts pleasant news and profits. If the twins in the dream were of different sexes, this dream is a sign that there is someone who admires you very much.

To breastfeed an infant

Such dreams for mothers may reflect the need to protect and raise their own children. They may also reflect a reluctance to separate from an already grown child, as this process is often difficult, for example, if an adult child leaves his parents’ home, starts his own life, moves to another city or country, etc.

To bottle-feed an infant

A dream about an infant being bottle-fed may suggest dependence on other people.

This dependence can be emotional, financial, or other. These are dependencies that are difficult to break, such as parental ties or unwillingness to face adulthood.

Naked infant

The dream heralds happy times for you. It can also foreshadow taking a new path in life, career, or direction of study. It is a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as vulnerability.

Sleeping infant

When you dream about a sleeping infant, it means that you are looking for peace in your life. This dream also means that you need to know how to deal with frustrating situations.

If the baby sleeps peacefully, smiles in his sleep, and delights you, the dream shows that you have gone through a difficult time and managed to find a balance. Dreambook advises: do not leave anything for later, solve problems on the fly. Only then will your life be peaceful.


Infant on your lap

If you held a baby on your lap during the dream, it means that you do not tolerate injustice and prefer to always take the side of those most in need.

A dream about an infant on your lap is a clear indication that you are moving in a whole new direction and that you are confident. Dreambook, however, warns: your projects must be well thought out and planned.

Infant in your arms

A dream about a baby in your arms signifies your desire to have a family. This dream is also a warning. Dreambook notes that you are a person who is often influenced by others. This can harm your financial and emotional life.

Cry of an infant

Crying an infant in a dream represents the urgency to make a decision, as well as the natural ability to love and care for someone.

Another dream meaning suggests that you feel someone’s rejection. This feeling made you unmotivated or unappreciated. Appreciate yourself, love others, but love yourself too.

An infant with teeth

If you are a man and dream about an infant with teeth, it means that you are a nervous person and often cause arguments and create stress in your family. Think about it.

The dream also indicates that you will be accused of something at work. Don’t worry, though, because you will find a way to show your innocence.

To adopt an infant

Adopting an infant in a dream indicates the need to find the right path in life. This dream reflects the desire to overcome obstacles and move on.


A dream about adopting an infant may represent a desire to learn new skills or develop a spiritual life.

To abandon an infant

A dream about an abandoned infant is a sign that you felt misunderstood and alienated. Dreambook advises: stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what you really want and why.

A dream about abandoning an infant is related to your own insecurity. It is a feeling that you are not good enough for others. Try to get to know yourself better. Then you will see your way and place in the world.

Dead infant

A dream about a dead infant means that you feel insecure about making certain decisions in your life. It is worth remembering that we are responsible for our actions, thus every action has its consequences. Therefore, choose the best decision for you and your family.

Another dream meaning indicates that you will end a relationship. This can cause arguments and disappointments.

The sight of a dead infant in a dream symbolizes the end of something that was once a part of you. Having such a dream means that you refuse to enter a new stage of life. You are holding on to the past. Cut yourself off from what is behind you.

Summary : dream meaning of infant

  • To see an infant – you are overprotective
  • To have an infant – put away old beliefs, pave new paths
  • Girl infant (daughter) – you take on many obligations
  • Boy infant (son) – you will be able to overcome all obstacles
  • Infants twins – you will receive good news and profits
  • To breastfeed an infant – you do not want your child to grow up
  • To bottle-feed an infant – you are dependent on others
  • Naked infant – joyful moments ahead of you
  • Sleeping infant – you are looking for peace and balance
  • Newborn on your lap – you are moving in a new direction
  • Newborn in your arms – free yourself from the influence of others
  • Cry of an infant – you feel rejected
  • Infant with teeth – control your nerves
  • To adopt an infant – you are looking for new paths of development
  • To abandon an infant – get to know yourself better
  • Dead infant – cut yourself off from what is past

Dreambook mystic – dream about infant

  • When you see an infant in your dream, it foretells that in the near future, you will enjoy the fullness of family happiness.
  • Holding an infant is a sign that you will fall victim to someone’s unfounded accusations.
  • Changing the infant is a signal from your subconscious that if you do not take extra care in the near future, you may have some health problems.

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