dream ivoryAn ivory tower symbolises the fact that a woman is not slightly accessible if she does not request clearly recognizably to it. The ivory tower in the dream is a symbol for self-centredness and unapproachableness. The tusks of the elephant (see there) are interpreted generally sexually and they point to the male aggressiveness. Working with ivory can be valid as a tip to the fact that the dreamer should look around after another activity.


At the spiritual level ivory can symbolise the female principle.



God’s statues from ivory indicate something good, above all if one still sees breaking the statues not smashed.

In general:

Because ivory stands under nature conservation, it symbolises in the dream a precious, noble trait which it is a matter to receive, even if he has fallen out of fashion a little bit. Ivory symbolises the soul and black ivory stands for the unconscious. What is expressed with this symbol, one can derive only individually from the life situation and the accompanying circumstances in the dream.



  • toothaches will strike you.

(European ones).:

  • the valuable product of an animal which points to the inside, – also: favorable sign for luck, – your friends and everybody who love you will hang on you, – good health and luck, – prosperity, comfort, – stands also for wealth which can be acquired very easily and without a lot of work,
  • see: one turns to the journalism and will wield a sharp pen,
  • find: if is valid as a present from dear hand,
  • break: Loss of teeth,
  • see an object carved from it: one willbe well taken up in a better society,
  • the big pieces from ivory which are carried: mean financial success and clouded joys,
  • get as a gift such: somebody thinks with dear and friendly sensations of one.

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