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dream iceAssociation: – a stiff feeling state, – to ice become. Question: – Which feelings are enclosed in me, or where is to be thawed I am ready?


If ice is picked out as a central theme in the dream, the dreaming turns to his feelings. The ice in the dream is always a danger symbol. It appears in many different forms, for example, as a sheet of ice on rivers and lakes. If the dreaming breaks in the ice or floats on a floe on a river or in the sea, indicates the psyche red light. It is also a representation of inflexibility and Sprödigkeit which stirs, hence, that the dreaming does not understand what happens round him, and that he creates conditions in which other people with him cannot step in contact. The fear of the freezing close relations is not to get on moved on the awake life, the fear of life, the complex, to break in financial or erotic regard. He is aware of that that he shows more cold than it is good for him, and which he quietens every emotion of warmth and compassion in himself. The result is an isolation and loneliness. Moreover, ice is interpreted traditionally still as follows:

  • dreams of ice can ask in addition to bring out a put on ice project. The dream can be a signal for immediate action.
  • The perception of bitter cold in a dream shows generally an emotional extreme, – e.g., the appearance of a Chilly or freezer in the dream can reflect the emotional disinterest which one just lives through.
  • to glazes of ice can mean thawing a hostile respect and also indicate the revelation of creative energy and possibilities and predict that lie before an inspiring time in the private or in the occupation.
  • on ice go, fling or fall warns about speculations which will end with failures and losses because they too are a risk, – one should follow this tip from the unconscious absolutely.
  • a dream in which one sits comfortably on ice can predict to a pleasant living condition.
  • One pays attention to the consistency of the ice. A thin cover can register that one is unsteady in a kind, while a thicker one can indicate that then even one feels sure if one faces up big challenges in the life.
  • ice in summer see often indicates that a plan stands under no favorable star and should be given up better again.
  • beyond the winter appearing ice dreams were seen originally as a token for a good harvest. A harvest can also show the Fruchten of ideas, so one considers which ‘harvest’ of the attention needs.
  • ice can eat an adventure announce before which one has ‘stomachaches’ and this will run dangerously.


At the spiritual level ice symbolises a part which has frozen and must be thawed, before progress is possible.



  • ice means an even worse check than snow and hail.
  • The bad meaning of the ice is valid for each.
  • Being the waters at the place to ice froze, will come about the inhabitants need, dejection, misery and harvest failure according to the icy cold which they have to endure.
  • the grief becomes

  • Looking this one in winter, more tolerable, if be worse and more difficult in summer.
  • it means

  • seen somebody in his house Ice, for him need, misery and loss of his Having.
  • see or on it go: is careful, so that to you a misfortune does not attack,
  • see tiring themselves about ice (without ice skates): one has got involved in risqué enterprises,
  • slip on ice: an already nearly sure success will overturn in a run of bad luck,
  • break in it and sink: your hopes will be thwarted.


  • ice is an ambivalent dream sign: It warns us about speculations and risk, reminds us, however, at the same time to go forward more energetically by the realisation of our plans. It expresses that we cannot afford it currently or have to go to rest, because now the action is important. Indeed, care is offered to suffer no setback. The sign also wants to say that planning and calculation are not everything.

(European ones).:

  • distinct danger dream, – promises a lot of grief, – spiteful people want to put to you at your best work a leg,
  • swimming ice in a clear water: Their luck is destroyed by sullen and envious friends,
  • see an iceberg: one should investigate his subconsciousness, the rest of the mountain which lies under the water surface covertly,
  • see or skating: means disappointments in the love,
  • see in summer: your enterprise is useless,
  • slide on it: deceived love and thwarted hopes,
  • go on it: your enterprises are ventured very much,
  • go for a walk on it: They risk respectable comfort and respect for brief pleasure,
  • and snow see: Obstacles of all kind,
  • slip on it: a quite visible success will change at the last minute into a run of bad luck,
  • slip on it and fall down: tells an accident in,
  • break: you have to put up with a lot of fear, – one has hostilely minded people in his surroundings,
  • have a bath in ice water: expected comfort will not enter by unforeseen events,
  • eat: you do superfluous, – also: if illness,
  • announces

  • ice water drinks: the health by excesses risk,
  • eat on hot days: if a tiresome adventure tells in that satisfies rather the desires than according to feeling happily makes,
  • shop: increasing love,
  • produce ice: by craving for recognition and selfishness in the life fail, – illness, – your wishes will remain unfulfilled,
  • frost flowers at the windows see: annoyance threatens in the love, the feelings cool,
  • Going a young woman on ice, is this one warning that only a thin veil preserves them from disgrace.


  • see in summer: a not very good beginning of your shops,
  • go on it: the speculation and enterprises are ventured,
  • tingle: you stroll on dangerous ways, is careful that you suffer no damage.

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