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dream hoboTo see these or other pitiful shapes, seldom means something good. The life of the dreaming threatens to fall apart, he has got involved in bad society or is too negligent with his lifestyle. It is a symbolic shape for a maximum in personal freedom – and for the break of taboos and conventional values. Who dreams of it, stands under huge achievement pressure and is fed up with him in such a way that he sometimes rather ‘under the bridge sleep’ would want. In the dream to a hobo to give money indicates at big dangers, one invests in a desperate thing.



  • see or being: you will get in miserable relations.

(European ones).:

  • one should not interfere with the matters of a friend, – one causes more damage than good,
  • be: if poverty,
  • promises

  • something give: own generosity is favoured.
  • see: contagious illnesses will strike the municipality,

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Hobo

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