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dream hellAssociation: – Torment, – spiritual tortures. Question: – What is I to be misdealt or other ready?


It is the archetypal symbol for the sin and for ‘pangs of conscience’ par excellence which also in our today’s – released from infernal fears for the purposes of the religious ‘penal threat’, nevertheless, extensively – understanding at unaware level unlimited looks. Hell mostly encloses the edged out psychic contents from which a person suffers, until he has accepted them and has consciously processed, – besides, often it concerns fears and feelings of guilt. Who has nightmares of the hell, lives through just an ‘infernal situation’ (or is afraid of it) and it is most often about a ‘feeling hell’, around hatred, jealousy, suppression and emotional extortion in the partnership situation or family situation. Always intolerable living conditions are meant with it if somebody says (and dreams): ‘This is simply the hell for me! ‘ If recur nightmares in which the hell appears vision, this is a sign for a serious personality disturbance of the dreaming. The fire in the hell and the tortures to be suffered verbildlichen suppressed sexual wishes or in general propelling wishes. However, at the same time the hell can stand for purification which one must keep up to change behind the life unloaded from the past. This is sometimes stressed if one is released in the dream, finally, from the hell. There are even known dreams in which the hell appeared quite pleasant place.



It is a symbol of the darkness and the territory tolerated by God of the devil.



  • see: you see on time the danger, – also: you have despaired and hopelessly and do not know what you should do,
  • enter: bad experiences will excite you, or overthrow perfidious people in the downfall,
  • are held on by force there: there threatens illness or death,
  • brightly and very blazing infernal fire: important shops will come to the shutdown,
  • leave: Separation after big quarrel,
  • infernal tortures suffer: you have a bad conscience,
  • see someone else in the hell: a change of the living conditions approaches,


  • This dream sign forecasts an improvement of financial success, accompanied by a loss of human warmth. The dreaming does well to think through his words and actions better. He should consider whether the smashed way is really worth to be walked. The signal wants to him give to consider that he commits a big mistake if he loses human in favour of material values out of sight. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • see: if Ängstigungen and Verzweifelungen announces, – brings a change of the relations, – also: bad omen for the love,
  • go in the same: one will challenge you for the possession of a good,
  • stay in it: the unfavorable change of the relations which is passing, however, – one will be tormented by enemies, – also: in temptation get which will nearly ruin one,
  • cry in it: also friends can preserve not from the traps of the enemies,
  • are released from her: Rescue from a danger, view of peace and help in the life,
  • his friends in it see: meant grief and worries, – one will hear from the misfortune of a friend,
  • foreign see in it: big changes approach,


  • Dreaming somebody, he would be condemned in the fire of the hell, he will be brought down in the everlasting downfall, – nevertheless, he looks ahead as a bad malefactor his end. However, this warning of God comes to him, so that he does coaches and saves his soul.
  • Looking only the infernal fire without being condemned in addition he will fall in earthly entanglements and sin. The closer or farther the infernal fire is which one sees, the closer or farther will be the entanglement which he has to pass.
  • If the emperor such dreams, he will pass unfair sentences, but be punished by God.
  • A woman will deceive her man after this face, do adultery and live excessive.
  • Dreaming a child this dream, it has looked him in view of his parents.

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