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dream heightHeight asks to scale new spiritual heights by self-knowledge to lead a successful, happier life, – the tip to the obstacles can be also connected with it in own personality which still prevent this up to now. Who proceeds in the dream on vertiginous height, longs for big challenges (and success), avoids with pleasure all average and is not content with the ‘depressions of the life’ (and all inferiority). Who experiences more often a dreamt height drunkenness, it should understand than warning of selfoverestimation.



  • height – particularly if one feels, besides, breathlessness – warns against being content with inferior. The symbol is a recommendation to overcome his selffrugality: One is able more and to bigger than one concedes himself. One must go by a short time of the hardness and difficulties to become the happier then.

(European ones).:

  • hang and from above fall down: Dangers lurk which can be avoided, nevertheless, if the object does not fall.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Height

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