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dream hedgeAs well as the fence a typical demarcation symbol. Hedge (fence) can point to the need for security or warn about selfisolation. Now and again she points to the obstacles in the life which one can overcome, however. Who dreams of the hedge reaping, such (a mostly emotional) demarcation would like to ‘maintain’, but also reduce – or do not cancel a separation though completely, but ‘a little bit’. A frequent dream if a divorced pair (e.g., of the children has regular contact because of) or if from a partnership after a crisis friendship becomes.



  • invisible situation. Care.

(European ones).:

  • Somebody wants to jam the signal to one in a thing. One keeps his plans for himself, this is the best protection.
  • evergreen ones: if joy and profit,
  • announce

  • bald ones: if grief and imprudent actions,
  • promise

  • are stuck in a prickly hedge: one is hindered in the commercial life, – for lovers it means quarrel and jealousy,
  • as an obstacle emergent: one must count on difficulties,
  • Dreaming a young woman to walk with her lover along a green hedge then it will be soon married.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Hedge

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