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dream honeyThe sweet product of the diligent bees is valid as a symbol for luxury, property – and for (enjoyed) sex and ‘the sweetness of the love’ – not only since today, but already in the antiquity. Supposedly honey promotes female fertility and male power. If a dream of honey acts, this refers to the fact that for the dreaming maybe a sexual more active or more fertile time begins. In India the symbol of the fire which burns in everybody, the exposure of the own I. With many primitive races he is valid as a symbol of the rebirth, translates: the sweet life for which everybody longs. If the dreaming eats him, this stands for the knowledge that he himself must provide for the joys in his life. In addition, honey can be a tip to integrated good experiences. Honey is often understood as a token of good health. In the other sense he announces that one is recompensed for spiritual or professional strains and reaches by self-knowledge to the internal harmony. Who sees nibbling honey in the dream to a certain person, might call him (or them) soon ‘Honey’ – then the subconsciousness knows it already a little early.


At the spiritual level honey in the dream symbolises immortality and rebirth and has as a remedy regenerative forces.



It dreamt one, he eats bread in honey dipped. The man became engrossed in philosophical writings, adopted the life wisdom contained in them and, besides, earned a lot of money, – the honey meant quite of course the persuasive power of the wisdom, the bread, however, the acquisition. (Of The Neuplatoniker Olympiodoros (6. Cent.) reports in the 1st chapter of his ‘life Platons’: As Platon’s parents to offer a victim on the Hymettos which small child had laid on the ground bees flew here and filled to him mouth with honeycombs. Also to the small Pindar bees should have dribbled honey on the lips.)



  • symbol of the joy and the luck,
  • honeycombs with honey see: it will be perseverance in professional regard of miseries to succeed, – also: you have a great love,
  • in the glass: Pregnancy,
  • eat: you spoil for yourself the stomach by gluttony or Naschhaftigkeit, – also: one must provide for the comfort and joys in the life already himself, – now you manage everything, you must undertake something.

(European ones).:

  • steadfast health, – time of the prosperity,
  • with honeycombs see: Luck in business matters,
  • see fluent honey: it goes everything easily from the hand, – however, there is also an inclination in the life to satisfy material wishes in unfair kind,
  • eat: Success, health, luck, – you are everywhere in the advantage – lovers will marry in the next time,
  • A young woman who flings honey must count on unhappy domestic relations.


  • eat: you cannot complain about your health.

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