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dream greyAssociation: – Crossing of a state in the other, – Light grey: Peace, – Dark grey: Fear. Question: – What do I move towards?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Determination, – secret, – old knowledge, – integration, – experience, – western soul path. Description: Grey is a colour, by the shuffle of black and white or other complementary colours there originates steel grey it is put in the medicine wheel with the external position of the western soul path and with experience in respect. Grey is the colour of the twilight, the mysterious time between brightly and darkly. General meaning: Secret, – service, – point of view. Association: Grey Eminence, grey mouse, – grey-haired or old, – cloudily, – depression, – see everything black. Transcendent meaning: A gift of old knowledge or understanding.


In general:

One interprets grey as a colour with the help of the objects and actual dream contents which look grey. In general it points to a serious personality with inclination to pessimism and melancholy or expresses that one leads a monotonous life. In the traditional interpretation: Recognizable – just ‘nothing Wesentliches’ symbolise the insignificant the ‘grey mouse’ as well as the ‘grey shade’, hardly.


In general this symbol is more insignificant as an expression and a little personal behaviour patterns. Thoughts and feelings are not very good to define. The grey is connected in the dream, however, always with other visions whose meaning predominates. The grey is to be understood rather than an attribute. Who dreams everything in grey, presumably has from the ‘grey everyday life’ enough and would like to do it with pleasure a little more brightly – however, this is only one possible interpretation of dreams conspicuously addicted to grey. This ‘uncolored compound colour’ from brightly and darkly is valid as a symbol for the ‘just still unconscious’ and undefined (in the threshold of the illumination / knowledge) in the psychological meaning.


(European ones).:

  • grey or white hair: very luck-promising, – particularly if one is in the society of a grey-haired person,
  • feel grey-haired: before the success appears, must be calculated on difficulties.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Grey

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