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dream goatAssociation: – strength full of relish, – incessant energy, – omnivore. Question: – What am I resolved to act?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Omnivores, – hair, – horns, – collide, – lust, – horned gods, – earth religions. Description: Goats are 4-legged, horned mammals who seem worldwide. The goats have beards, – goats help because of her hair and in some parts of the world also because of her milk and her meat. They can be tamed relatively easily and live mainly in community with congeners. They attack with pleasure with her horns and deliver fights. They eat nearly everything and can be held only hard in a fenced in area. General meaning: Your freedom-looking portion which feels restricted by the pressure of the conventions, – an aspect of you which is ready to fight for everything what you want. Association: A lascivious person, – an old man, – a cool fellow, – a person who must play the role of the scapegoat – grumble, – disparaging name for a woman. Transcendent meaning: An ally who can help you with the security of his movements to find this what you search.


In general:

One understands goat in general as a symbol of the frugality and perseverance which just also help in difficult situations in the successful coping, – stubbornness, stubbornness and aggressiveness which a little help sometimes appears in it (above all in the billy goat) also. In particular cases she registers with suitable living conditions that one tries to shift mistake and responsibility on a scapegoat or is abused even as such.


With the interpretation of a dream which from goats acts must be respected to the gender of the animal, because goat and billy goat have different meanings. The billy goat is in the dream a symbol for male driving force, stubborness and aggressiveness. However, the goat embodies skill, frugality and adaptability. She also grumbles in our dreams. Where she appears, we deal in the awake life with somebody to which one can make nothing right whose criticism is partially entitled, however. The high spirits or the carelessness pack to us jumping goats funnily by our vision, possibly.


Symbol for a carefully listening in, recognising creature.


Neither white nor black goats bring luck, rather everybody indicates without exception evil, white less, black more, particularly sea travellers, – then we call the high waves ‘goats’ in the colloquial language, and the writer uses at a place where he speaks of a violent whirlwind, the expression ‘a heranziegender storm’ (Homer:Ilias 2,148, – Artemidors wordplay is based on the syllable ‘aig’ in the expression ‘labros epaigizon’ = heranziegender Strum.), and the most dangerous sea is called Aigaion. Marriages, friendship and communities manage them neither, nor they lend existing duration, – they unite because not to cookers, but graze as a loner in slopes and rocks and make from it to themselves and the shepherd the life difficult, – so the writer calls the goat cookers ‘the wide-wandering’, while he says: ‘You, however, immediately like the herds around of wide-wandering goats’. (Homer: Iliad 2,474)



  • see in cookers: you get with careless people to act,
  • white ones see: good living, – also: with discontented troublemakers get to act,
  • black ones: bitter need, – also: it with troublemakers get to do who have, moreover, still a bad character and want to add to a big damage,
  • see bouncing about playfully: warns with high spirits and carelessness,
  • milk: you are give and wisely, but economises in the next time carefully, because one could get by a bad economic guidance in worries and miseries,
  • goat meat eat meant according to the consumed amount of illness.
  • goat hair and goat wool mean wealth from which illness follows on, – one dreams, he carries a dress from goat hair, he will earn with a lot of work and trouble an irregular income because goats know no rule still order.
  • slaughter: Need and misery.

(European ones).:

  • see: one gets with a person to act who has to put out something in all, – warn about luxuriant housekeeping, – a lot of check approaches which one will courageously get through, nevertheless, – The more goats one sees in the dream, the against more difficulties one must fight to come to his aim. With bright goats these are small, with dark goats great difficulties.
  • piebald ones see: the luck will be dependable unpredictable and not,
  • see milking: Now modesty becomes the cleverness if one soon endures extremely carefully,
  • on a farm see walking around: a good harvest and good weather is to be expected,
  • jumping goats see: one should avoid every high spirits or carelessness,
  • see at another place: indicates at reckless transactions, but also growing wealth there,
  • goat cookers see: make meant an inheritance,
  • see a kid: registers that one knows no scruples if it is about the business or pleasure, – one will hurt a dear person,
  • hear: so much one exerts himself, somebody grumbles constantly in around.


  • see: you are very freakish,
  • black ones: your worries are big, but you are not only with it, – hardship,
  • white ones: you come to success, luck, good shops, but avoids the people,
  • milk: Case of illness in the family,
  • slaughter: by dissolute economy you will get in need,
  • many goats have: Wealth.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Goat

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