dream gondola


dream gondolaGondola the boat is understood basically as, – however, mostly she points to the a little bit out-of-touch-romantic expectations in a love relationship which are easily disappointed.


If you come not exactly from Venice and dream her holiday joys to an end, gondolas mean playful imagination and the slope to erotic adventures with little sense for the ‘consequences’.




  • drive cable railway – with one: one will soon experience an adventure to which one will still think back long,
  • cable railway – fall with it: your wishes will not come true.

(European ones).:

  • see: one undertakes a trip with him or the darlings, – also: a happy however unromantic life lead, – also: Disappointments in dear problems, – a bad time for a wedding,
  • only

  • sit in one: if promises an adventure which one will remember later still with pleasure
  • with one tip over and in the water fall: if a disillusionment brings after passionate love,
  • gondolier be: one will succeed in the love.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Gondola

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