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dream golfAssociation: – prestigious sport. Question: – How can I enjoy my increased selfvalue?

In general:

Team’s sports or plays in the dream show either the affiliation of the dreaming to a team, or emphasise his individual achievement. The latter applies to golf. For this sport one needs a lot of freedom of movement and clear images. Golf stands often for craving for administration and excessive ambition, – at the same time the play warns against making itself ridiculous in ‘better’ circles by his behaviour because one does not follow the rules. Golf as a sea bay can express isolation, – then one must take care more of interpersonal contacts.



If the dreaming plays golf in his dream, points this his need to prove his talent and to go up to the borders of his efficiency. This competition energy can be very conducive if it is used in the professional context to the success. The play which once only the empires could afford points to the desire after parties and sociability which could become dull, however, in the long run. The successful golf blow sometimes translates also the luck which stands on a blow in the house.


At the spiritual level golf in the dream points out to the fact that the nature affects f the progress of the development and which the dreaming should spend more time in the fresh air.


(European ones).:

  • play: take part in a distinguished, but dull society, – dedicate themselves to pleasant and varying wishes,
  • see playing himself: The business things require attention and concentration. Now is not the time to let go things simply. One takes over concerning this the responsibility.
  • others see playing: one will search a pleasant change,
  • stands joyless in connection with golf: one is shown up by an unthinking person,
  • stand on a golf course: at home is to be done a lot.

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