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dream grandparentsAssociation: – gentle authority, – friendliness. Question: – Where in my life I look for support?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Close forefathers, – oldest, – mind forces, – old knowledge. Description: Your grandparents are the parents of your parents. The members of trunks close to the earth used the address Grandmother or Grandfather to testify the oldest compared with respect no matter whether it concerned blood relations or not. Grandmother and grandfather were also looked as special mind forces which disposed of a large part of the old knowledge. General meaning: A dream about your actual grandparents or forefathers, – a dream of you as a grandmother or grandfathers, – a special relationship with an oldest, – a possible teacher. Association: In the easy chair seated, the grandchildren fairy tale telling. Transcendent meaning: A revelation of the old mind forces. Fosters apprenticeship: To you unknown, holy forefathers.


In general:

Grandparents symbolise in general experiences and wisdom: They can draw the attention to the fact that one should go forward in a matter wisely and prudently and learn from experiences. Some dream springs see in it also the promise for long life or an inheritance.


Not only childhood recollections, in the dream hineinspielen. Even if the grandparents have passed away long ago, they appear to the dreamer, nevertheless, the protectors who preserve him possibly from a stupidity. Then, admittedly, he would have to have had a good relation to them or have got to know at least by own parents from her goodness. The grandfather appears like the father in the dream often counsellor (also in financial things), the grandmother more than Übermutter who would like to direct everything what depresses the dreamer. Only sometimes to wise grandparents on inherited weaknesses.



  • see or speak: you will be released from worries.

(European ones).:

  • send a reminder to the creating happiness,
  • see: tells a quick death in,
  • hit and talk to them: are confronted with hardly surmountable difficulties,
  • take the good advice of them: one will overcome many obstacles,
  • with them sit together at the table: long life,
  • receive from them a present: if an inheritance tells in,
  • see grandfather or grandmother alone or speak: announce a lot of joy, – a good plan will succeed,
  • have become, or that the grandchildren attend: very advantageous sign.


  • with them speak: you will make an unexpected inheritance,
  • grandmother: Family joys,
  • grandfather: long life.

(See also family,’ grandfather ‘,’ mother ‘,’ father’) Big mind

medicine wheel:

Key words: Creator, big secret, – spring of the life. Description: Big mind is one of the names which trunks close to the earth have given to the creator. Another is a big secret or the names in the respective tribal dialects which the people used to appeal to her God. The big mind represents the creativity which is included in all things, and corresponds in his importance to the God of the ruling society. General meaning: Understand of your concept of that what is holy. Association: – Transcendent meaning: A direct connection with the spring all life. Such a dream is already transcendent in his essence. It is a must to pay attention particularly to what follows this dream state.

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