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dream glovesEarlier gloves in the society played a bigger role than today. They were an important component of the etiquette and symbolised honour, cleanliness and the obligation of loyalty and faith. Whenever gloves appear in the dream, they are a sign for the fact that of the dreaming reservations has. He would like to remain on distance, is reserved. His wish for security is very strong what can easily lead to contact poverty and loneliness. If the dreaming files, however, the gloves, he already tries to overcome these problems and to establish the contact with other people. To be able to interpret more exactly a glove dream, one must pay attention to how the dreaming stands to the gloves and how the whole dream action runs. Gloves also represent the ability of the dreaming to challenge other people in her religious system, while he hides his own consciousness and his level of development from them. Other meanings are often derived from the following accompanying circumstances:

  • glove drop sometimes registers that one inclines to the coquetry by which the isolation can explain itself.
  • a glove which one throws in the dream on the ground is the feud glove which one would throw down in the deliberate life with pleasure to a competitor or a competitor.
  • glove on another or an object can throw on the fact point out that one must sit down more to the weir.
  • big glove is often interpreted as a selfoverestimation which leads to the failure of big plans.
  • to narrow glove points out to the fact that one is discontented with the living conditions, feels too strongly limited.
  • glove of the ground take up indicates that one may not go for a discussion from the way.
  • becoming them circumscribes slipped over this that one other about his action leave in the unclear one, maybe even something would like to cover up.
  • glove should carry after old dream books more respect promise.
  • glove can lose on forthcoming quarrel point.
  • taking off

  • of becoming the gloves, this respect shows and is an act of the sincerity.
  • boxing gloves in the dream indicate that the dreaming wants to keep the upper hand in an aggressive situation at all costs.


Because the hands at the spiritual level are a symbol for the creativity, gloves can show the wish to protect them. However, maybe they also show a situation, an object or a person who hinders the entire expression of the creativity.



  • see or agree: one will give to you big recognition,
  • old or broken ones pull: in big disputes get,
  • clarifies, bright ones pull: a dear fulfilment is by view,
  • festive, stately ones carry: it will be given one any honouring,
  • carry: is reserved, otherwise there is annoyance,
  • get as a gift: Reminder to bigger politeness.

(European ones).:

  • clarifies pull: Invitation for a party, – brings joy, – love will maybe come true,
  • clarifies wear: by politeness you will come to the aim, – means luck and respect,
  • see themselves with nice gloves: one will receive an honouring,
  • new ones carry: one should act by shops with other people carefully and economically, but not greedy for money, – it approaches one a court process and business annoyance, – both goes out to own satisfaction,
  • old or broken gloves: one is deceived and losses threaten,
  • torn ones: one will be neglected,
  • the glove does not fit: one is very discontented with his current life,
  • a too big one: one has expected himself too much, has credited or assumed in a thing,
  • depart: Disappointment, – one achieves little success in commercial problems and dear problems,
  • give away: is valid for annoyance,
  • receive given: somebody will make unjustified demands to one, – one should let more Höfflichkeit prevail,
  • lose: points to quarrel and quarrel, – one lets himself one in sting, – one deservingly a poor living,
  • drop the own: one flirts with a certain person,
  • find a pair: there waves marriage or new love,
  • black ones: indicate at grief,
  • another entgegenwerfen: one would like to measure his forces with a person or a problem,
  • a man ladies’ gloves draws

  • , points to a woman on his side which threatens him to show up publicly.


  • you was in a heavy suspicion.

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