Ghosts appearing in sans can be interpreted as a duality between our body and mind.

Dreams with ghosts are also often an attempt to draw attention to some aspect of life or a person.


Ghost dreambook

Seeing a ghost

Dreaming that you see a ghost means that you want to achieve a goal, but you need the ability to carry out your plans. It can also be a warning for you to be more realistic.

Think about what the ghost wanted, as it may be related to something you are looking for.

Another dream meaning is that you are too conservative to move forward. Try to change what is bothering you.

If you were frightened by a ghost in your dream, know that you will get everything you want through negotiation.

Ghost in the house

A dream about a ghost you see in your house means that you have fears related to immaturity.

You fear something will happen to you, although you don’t know precisely what it could be. Having the courage to face the various problems you face is very important. Try to analyze why you are so afraid.


The dream can also mean upcoming news.

The ghost in the dream signals that you are only safe at home. Is realistically something or someone threatening you?

You are a ghost

The dreambook suggests a relationship or situation in your life that you need to close. You will achieve what you want, but you will have to put in a lot of effort. You can’t deal with it and are looking for a way out, but it’s costing you a lot.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are running away from critical daily situations. Don’t hide from problems. It’s better to try to solve them quickly than to put them off.

Do not hide from your friends or acquaintances. Take part in local events and enjoy life.

You have touched a ghost

The dream suggests that your relationship with something that happened some time ago or with someone you parted with is still important to you. You still have it in your memory and heart.

This situation or person has left a mark on your life, so this ghost is not going away. It’s time to deal with the past.

Ghost of a former partner

When you dream about the ghost of an ex-partner, the dream means you are afraid of what others will say. You are worried about the opinion others may have of you.


The ghost is the past. It is a memory that you have not allowed to be closed. This dream shows that you feel that this person is a burden to you that you cannot continue to carry.

Perhaps you still have feelings of guilt, but you still think about some connecting issues. The dream can refer to any person in your circle of relatives.

Spirit of parents (mom and dad)

The dream is associated with the need for affection, love, and protection. Sometimes you feel lonely, and your life seems pointless. You need to learn to trust more the people who love you.

Ghost of a child

Dreaming about children’s ghosts is associated with your most authentic emotions. The dream encourages you to look deep inside yourself, learn about your feelings, and try to satisfy or soothe them.

Ghost of a girl

The dreambook urges: Don’t give in to despair. The ghost of a girl in a dream augurs that joyful moments will come. The dream can also signal that you are misbehaving and change your behavior in time.

Spirit of a boy

The dream means that you will meet a true friend. This will be a person whom you will fully trust and who you can always count on. Do not miss such an opportunity; look out for the kind people around you.

Spirit of a woman

The dream means that your material status will improve. This is a good omen. If you organize your work well, you will gain a lot. Some opportunities and proposals will come to you by themselves.

Grandmother’s ghost

The dream about the grandmother’s ghost foretells an unexpected change in your life. It will be a change for the better. It may concern mainly the emotional sphere of your life, emotions, and psyche.


Grandfather’s ghost

You will feel someone’s support and strength. The grandfather’s spirit in the dream is a signal to act and trust yourself and your loved ones. Don’t hesitate. Just act.

Holy Spirit

The appearance of the Holy Spirit in a dream can mean the protection of higher forces. Still, it can also be a call to get closer to the church, repent, deal with your spiritual life, and spiritual renewal.

Spirit of a holy person

If a person considered holy appeared in your dream, it means his protection and support in difficult situations. Turn to her for help.

It can also make you aware of the need to pay attention to some events or people in your life, depending on what issues he is a patron of.

Ghost of acquaintances

A dream about the ghost of acquaintances signifies a radical change in your life. New challenges are being put before you; get ready!

However, the dream can also mean disappointment towards one of those in the dream. It can also mean regret for something you did.

If you feel guilty, it is best to talk and clarify all the issues you have not resolved.

Spirit of unknown people to you

Dreaming about the ghost of unknown people can mean that you are living in a troubled period, experiencing existential crises, and are unhappy. Change things you don’t like or accept.


The dream indicates good spirits that surround you and protect you from evil.

Spirit of a living person

You must be very careful because someone is plotting something against you. Take a good look at your work environment or neighbors.

A dream about the ghost of a living person signifies prosperity. If it is someone close to you, it is a sign that your professional and financial life will improve. The dream also portends a long and healthy life.

Spirit of a deceased person

Dreaming about the ghost of a deceased person can mean a solution to your sentimental problems. If you are experiencing love failures, the situation will improve.

Dreaming about the ghost of a deceased person can also mean change, rebirth, or even winning a case in court or a bet.

Ghost of a dog

If you dream about the ghost of a dog, Dreambook suggests that you should check what typical qualities of this animal fail you. For example, think about your courage, faithfulness, and unconditional love.

Is this what you are missing? In addition, you can check the animal’s color symbol.

Another dream meaning is that you feel overwhelmed and bored with everyday life, which seems monotonous. Is it difficult to change this?


Spirit of the cat

You may need to improve or work on something for the sake of yourself or others. Check the qualities attributed to this animal in yourself. What are your caution, care, prudence, and agility?

The dream also suggests that you reveal your talents.

Invisible ghost

Something is happening in your environment, and you don’t see it or ignore it. Perhaps someone needs you, and you don’t realize it.

Maybe something is haunting you, and you don’t notice it. You may miss a great opportunity because you must consider your surroundings.

Black ghost

Perhaps many things have gone wrong in your life lately, and the situations that caused tension have weakened you. Family problems have overwhelmed you, and you are depressed and don’t feel like doing anything.

Something is causing you much pain, and you can’t act. You need to resolve this situation quickly, as it is leading you to serious health problems.

White ghost

Take advantage of the opportunity. If you see a ghost in your dream and feel fear, there will be a problem, and you will have to gain strength and courage to face it. If you feel good about your dream, you will be successful. Luck will favor you.

The spirit is calling you.

Dreaming that a ghost is calling you means that someone important from your past is looking for you. This dream is associated with spontaneous and unexpected events, such as the return of an old friend or former love.


A ghost talks to you

Talking to a ghost in a dream means that you need to change. You ignore the people around you and have forgotten your friends and loved ones.

These people are part of your life, and you can’t ignore them. Such behavior goes out of favor with you and others. Seek time for loved ones and correct your mistakes.

Another dream meaning suggests that you will take an exciting journey.

A ghost is chasing you; run away from a ghost.

If you dream about a ghost chasing you, it means that there are many fears that you have to overcome. The dreambook explains that sometimes they do not allow you to live in peace because your head does not stop thinking about things you are afraid of.

You are insecure and therefore do not take risks. This spirit is a representation of the fear that haunts you. You need to solve the problem that scares you so much.

The spirit is attacking you.

You have enemies and need to be vigilant because the enemy is looking for the right moment to cause you trouble. It may be several people who intend to annoy you.

Don’t let anyone hurt you or stop you from pursuing your goals. Try to get rid of malicious people from your surroundings.

A ghost wants to kill you.

This dream represents your inner strength and the maturity with which you face every setback. You believe there is nothing so complex that you cannot overcome it.


The spirit has overcome you.

The meaning of the dream reveals something related to your childhood and adulthood. You don’t want to leave your childhood or adolescence. A constant desire from the past doesn’t allow you to mature or accept that you are no longer a child or young adult.

This desire can also occur in older people who miss the past and live only thinking about it. You need to clearly define your age and accept it and yourself as you are. The mind is telling you to wake up.

Ghost with chains

This dream indicates that you are strongly connected to the past. You can’t hold on to memories. Regardless of the circumstances, it would be best to eliminate what is no longer there.

Let go of everything that causes stagnation in your life.

As long as this condition lasts, sadness and inaction accompany you, and your plans cannot be realized.


Dreaming of a frightening ghost means that many things will change in your life. But do not worry because if you are careful and have willpower, you will face all situations and overcome challenges.

Dream meaning of ghost

  • You see a ghost – through negotiation, you can achieve a lot
  • Ghost in the house – you have fears that limit you, get rid of them
  • You are a ghost – there is a relationship or situation in your life that you need to close
  • You have touched a ghost – it is time to deal with the past
  • The spirit of a former partner – you are worried about the opinion of others, change your train of thought
  • Spirit of parents (mom and dad) – trust the people who love you
  • Spirit of a child – look inside yourself, take care of your needs
  • Spirit of a girl – don’t give in to depression
  • Spirit of a boy – you will meet a true friend
  • Spirit of a woman – your finances will improve
  • Grandmother spirit – an unexpected change in your life is coming
  • Grandfather spirit – you will feel someone’s support and strength
  • Holy spirit – you have the protection of higher forces
  • Spirit of a holy person – you can count on support in difficult situations
  • Spirit of acquaintances – a radical change in your life is coming
  • Spirit of unknown people – change what you don’t like or accept
  • Spirit of a living person – your professional and personal life will improve
  • Spirit of a deceased person – your problems will be solved
  • Spirit of a dog – you feel overwhelmed by everyday life
  • Spirit of a cat – reveal your talents
  • Invisible ghost – you are not paying attention to your surroundings and may miss something important.
  • Black ghost – solve your problems quickly.
  • White ghost – gain strength, take advantage of opportunities
  • Spirit calls you – someone important from your past is looking for you
  • Spirit talks to you – find time for loved ones and correct your mistakes
  • Spirit chases you, run away from a ghost – overcome your fear
  • Spirit attacks you – you have enemies, be vigilant
  • The spirit wants to kill you – you have the inner strength and maturity to overcome all adversities
  • The spirit has defeated you – accept yourself as you are
  • Ghost with chains – you can no longer live with memories
  • Bane – many things will change in your life

Mystic dreambook – the meaning of the dream ghost

If this symbol appears in your dream, it may mean that you are chasing some illusory hope that can never be realized on waking. Still, you do not accept it and continue to waste your time and energy on it.

  • If you dream of seeing a ghost, it may signify that you are about to receive some unpleasant, unfavorable information.
  • The ghost of a woman is an encouraging sign, foreshadowing an improvement in your professional situation and maybe even a promotion.
  • Seeing several ghosts in your dream signals that some memories do not give you peace of mind and will not stop tormenting you until you close some unfinished things from the past.
  • The white spirit foretells peace, harmony, and inner balance for you, and the black one – unspecified problems, fortunately not very serious.
  • Talking to a ghost is a harbinger of some positive event that will soon occur in your life.
  • If the ghost frightens you, it is a sign that you will soon be exposed to some unpleasantness. At the same time, if in the dream you are the ghost, it may be a reflection of your perceived confusion on the surface and proof that you have no idea how you should direct your life further.


The dream of a ghost produces the connection with old habit patterns. It can remind the dreaming, nevertheless, also of buried hopes and longings which have something insubstantial – maybe because he has not invested enough energy in them. Ghost is often interpreted as the internal voice (intuition) on which one should hear in a concrete situation more. Partly it also indicates fears or feelings of guilt which were edged out, but influence the life furthermore, – often one can uncover them only by psychotherapy again and process finally.

dream ghost


Maybe the dreaming animates old recollections or feelings, so that he can better understand his actions. If the dreaming with the past and dead aspects gets in contact, he can act in Here and Now appropriately.


If a ghost appears in the dream, this should draw the attention of the dreaming possibly to his past being states, – in this case the dreaming should be able to recognise his developing progress.



  • several see: are surrounded by thankless and wrong people,
  • one see: you do not see the things how they are, and this endangers you.

(European ones).:

  • disturbance of the natural internal order and the internal voice tries to intervene,

illnesses, news or worries, announce

  • see: one will find out disagreeable,
  • with one speak: one will win good impressions.


  • misery, need.
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