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dream gallowsGallows often announce after the altindischen dream apprenticeship that one is ‘raised’, so more respect gains. However, he can also point out to the fact that one has a disagreeable life phase before himself for which one himself is responsible, – however, at the end still everything will turn to the good if one has atoned for own failure and does not give up hopes. Now and again there stands behind it the wish to bring short action with opponents and competitors what will hardly succeed, however.


One hangs up loads on it in which one hard carries. The sign of the gallows can be indicated as absolutely luck-promissory, – then if one hangs in the dream even on the gallows, one has overcome the worst. If one sees hanging another on the gallows, one persuades – according to an old perception – in the awake life an unpopular contemporary by own charm.




  • see: unhappy relations will disturb you, – warning before wrong friends as well as cunning and malice in own surroundings, – you fall to swindlers in the hands,
  • are untied themselves in it: Death danger,
  • to itself see hanging on it: if the opposite, luck promises in the occupation,
  • hang on it: one will meet an underhand woman who only wants to use to one,
  • somebody foreign see hanging on it: awful things get to know, – also: one looks out for his friends, these could be ill-disposed under it.

(European ones).:

  • dream, all obstacles and opponents in this way to remove. Care before own overestimation.
  • see (in positive): a daring courageous action accomplish, big honour, – luck and success in all situations, – also (in the negative, as a warning): one is surrounded by wrong friends,
  • stand in one: must suffer from the wickedness of wrong friends,
  • build one: an unexpectedly positive change approaches in the life,
  • to themselves see hanging on him: proud wishes come to fulfilment (symbolic contrast!),
  • hang themselves on it: if luck promises by a change in the life,
  • other see hanging on it: an opponent will have to capitulate,
  • can save somebody before it: promises desirable achievements,
  • an enemy hang: meant victory in all areas,
  • a friend see hanging on it: Urgency must be used with determination, because one lands otherwise in a disaster,
  • experienced a woman, as her lovers in the gallows are executed, marries them an unprincipled and underhand man.
  • hang on it: you will suddenly reach to high honour.

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