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Meaning of dream Garland :

dream garlandThe garland in the dream the dreaming to itself stands for attention, brings. If he dresses up with a garland, the dreaming looks for ways to cause feelings of happiness in himself. He strives for honouring and would like to contrast in certain manner with other people. In the traditional interpretation it is a symbol for quick wedding – the bridesmaids ‘already wind the wreath’.


One has already produced the main achievement, but something would be still to be optimised – the last ‘decoration’ is still absent to the perfection. The garland in the dream can also show honour and knowledge and connect the dreaming with the person to whom she has given to him.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Garland


At this level a garland in the dream is a symbol for the wish for spiritual or material honouring.



  • wedding and engagement.

(European ones).:

  • a good sign. Parties and sociable company with friends expect to one.

Garland - dream interpretation and meaning
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