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dream gardenAssociation: – internal, – growth or blossom. Question: – What do I feed in myself?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Connection with the earth, – manipulation, – beauty, – nourishing (physically and spiritually), – life preservation, – plant, – harvest. Description: The garden is a place, in the person a special respect with the mother earth, to the beings of the mineral empire and plant empire as well as to the water minds can take up. Generally a garden is put on to the cultivation by vegetables and herbs or to the adornment. General meaning: New connecting admission with the earth without diving, nevertheless, too deeply into the earth energy, – manipulating nearness, without the connection. Association: Garden Eden, paradise, – expulsion from the paradise. Transcendent meaning: Understanding of a deep aspect of your nature which stood always with the energy of the earth in connection.


In general:

The garden is a similar dream symbol like the wood, only he is more charming and a piece of domesticated nature. The garden lacks the wild strength (original, traditional) of wood, but it is the place of the love and the seduction. In the dreamlike stories from Tausendundeiner night the sexual pleasure always takes place in the garden. The only erotic book of the Bible which survived surprisingly the council of Nicäa, namely the high song which was written down possibly in the fourth century B.C. plays typically in a garden. Who dreams today of the garden with which swings, at least in the background, absolutely also the longing for dear pleasure, seduction and after adventure with. Indeed, this is not the only meaning of this dream symbol – the garden is also a place of the rest and rest. The fact that it is, however, the garden and not the wild nature which the dreaming sees, also points his ‘despondency’. A little nature is permitted, the dream only the picture of the garden admits too much nature, nevertheless, from evil – after this foreign exchange to handle the big censor in us who finds the pictures of the wild nature too frightening. In the garden expresses itself the fear of the threatened life in which the person to the circulations of the nature feels put out. Thus one creates the picture of the garden as an effigy of the paradise. The classical gardens of the mythology are different there, as for example that of the Hesperiden (‘Hesperos’ is the Greek expression for the evening star). It is an orchard in which like in the Celtic Avalon apple trees with golden apples stand. These trees were given to Hera as a wedding present by the mother earth, so that bride and bridegroom with the holy wedding (hieros gamos) the fertility of the earth was received. Here the original power of the nature is also to be felt in the symbol of the garden. The modern depth psychology and particularly C. G. Jung see in the relatively often appearing dream symbol of the garden a symbol of the Individuation which draws the attention of itself in the unconscious of the person konstelliert, and the dreaming to the job of his Individuation. Garden is also often hidden a world escape behind the dream symbol. If you dream of the garden, try to make this garden more and more wildly. Animate him in the day dream technology with wild animals and equip him with mighty trees and plants: Feel the strength of the nature which flows through you, besides. Open to her. The garden in the dream is a positive dream symbol, because it indicates growth in the life of the dreaming or his wish to cultivate himself. He symbolises the internal state of the dreaming. Garden often symbolises the inner life, above all the area of the feelings. The exact meaning can arise from the following accompanying circumstances:

  • nice garden see expresses the wish for love and affection.
  • in the garden go for a walk stands for a well-balanced-cheerful life reason mood.
  • garden look after and maintain registers that one tries to maintain feelings and interpersonal relations, – now and again the gardening also promises satisfaction with the life and itself.
  • overgrown garden can announce disappointments because one maybe does not take care enough of a being close person.
  • high garden wall can promise quiet luck, but warn also about selffrugality, seclusion and isolation.


The garden has as a dream symbol almost always a positive meaning. He stands generally as a picture for a fair or conjugal respect and indicates growth, fertility, joy of life and renewal. The dream area in which one lets in only a few. Often he is surrounded with a wall or a fence, and his entrance is narrow – a tip to the fact that one would not like to allow to look to himself in his inside. From his state – whether runs wild cultivated or – conclusions on the state of the soul infuse themselves. If everything stands in blossom, growth and fertility rule, this indicates our joy of life and mostly also an intact dear life and family life. The gardener who looks after the garden in the dream and maintains has like the garden even a positive meaning. The garden in the dream can stand for female wildness which must be cultivated and be tamed, so that optimum growth is possible. If a woman dreams of a remarkably flowery garden, either a satisfying one or a dissatisfactory dear life can lie behind. Dissatisfied women dream of a fenced around garden whose nice flowers they cannot reach and, in addition, can show also virginity. In erotic man’s dreams the garden corresponds to the body of the woman, the paradise which it is a matter to find again. Old-Egyptian dream researchers closed from the walk by a nice garden that one will well form his whole life.


At the spiritual level garden stands in the dream for the paradise and is to be known as a request to the dreaming how to search relaxation.


Everything grows what slowly and slowly matures causes the luck as well as the misfortune more slowly. However, everything grows what fast and matures fast, the luck as well as the misfortune quickly causes. The same point of view is also effective with (maturity) to appointments. Also puts all field products to the garden plants in respect and farmer which one in the dream looks to the gardener. In particular, however, the garden to brothel owners of use, because of many seeds and the seasonal work is in the garden, against it he brings to women all in the call of the immorality and Hurerei (Kepos = garden, is called often also the female genitals.)



  • of full flowers: Joy and satisfaction, – you will have a nice age,
  • see a nicely spruce one or stay in it: you look after delusive thoughts,
  • in it see working the way up: is careful in the traffic, – friends try to damage to you,
  • do gardening: your trouble will be recompensed,
  • in his own close of the Umzäunung be: it threatens in close future annoyance,
  • stride through: There comes an important message,
  • an overgrown one: one avoids wrong counsellors.


  • The garden symbolises the external and internal position which you take towards the life: A cultivated garden indicates at balance, prosperity and well-being there, an overgrown garden on mental changeability, unstable social position and imbalance.

(European ones).:

  • corresponds to the inner life, depending on whether the dream shows him regularly or overgrownly,
  • promises Wohlhabenheit and happy marriage,
  • see: one will find new love,
  • of fully evergreen plants and trees see: promises big internal peace and well-being,
  • with vegetables see: if misery or the loss of property as well as defamation forecasts,
  • stay in it: if means big joy,
  • go for a walk in a blossoming one: Blessedness, – brings pleasure and nice experiences,
  • work in one: if satisfaction brings by devotion to duty,
  • see one with high Umzäunung: a request will be beaten off,
  • a decaying garden: reminded to the transitoriness of all existing and to the necessary work which must be done, on this occasion to harvest prosperity and esteem – one is surrounded by wrong counsellors,
  • gardening tools in the hands: one must help actively to create order internally again,
  • this dream announces

  • women that they are very happy famous or in the private life.
  • unhappy and dissatisfied women often dream of a fenced around garden which nice flowers are not accessible.
  • walking women with your lover by a garden of fully blossoming bushes and plants, this points to unclouded luck and financial independence.


  • go for a walk in it: you are happy, but you can divide with nobody your luck,
  • see: Property improvement,
  • work in it: you will gain a success,
  • nicely, with many flowers: Increase of the property,
  • neglects: you are surrounded by wrong counsellors,
  • with high Umzäunung: a request is beaten off to you.


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