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dream gongIf the dreaming hears the sound of a gong in his dream, this is called that he must make the fact deliberate to himself to have received a border achievedly or vice versa the permission for continuing. To hit the gong, can show the wish for severity and structure or underline, however, the aim to reach a certain sound quality or quality of information in the awake state.


In many religions the gong is hit to draw the attention of the believers to important contents. This is also the priority function of the gong in the dream.



The gong in the dream ‘wakes up’ the dreaming at a spiritual level. He be symbolised consciousness for spirituality.


(European ones).:

  • points to a wrong alarm in punkto illness or loss, – which disturbs, nevertheless, hard, – also: a thrilling event in the family, – one should avoid careless contact in important matters.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Gong

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