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dream futureDreams about the future contain different aspects. The dreaming of that is sometimes aware that the events of the dream will take place only late and that he can have an effect in certain cases by specific activities in the awake state on them. Dreams of the future can be a clairvoyant’s broad dreams, nevertheless, this is very rare.


If the dreaming wants to gain the control of his life, it is good when he is aware of the future. Dreams can grant an insight to him in this connection. They enable to the dreaming to play through certain scenarios and possibilities, without he can suffer, besides, any damage.



The future in the dream stands for spiritual manifestation.


(European ones).:

  • deal with the future: by circumspect action one can avoid disadvantageous extravagances, – one has the chance to add an old dispute or to make up for an old wrong.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Future

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