A dream about a funeral usually means the end of something, such as a stage in life, work on a project, study, etc. Sometimes it indicates the need to break away from the past, to come to terms with the situation.

Dreambook Funeral

To plan a funeral (to prepare for a funeral).

A dream that you are planning or preparing for a funeral suggests that you are very worried about your losses. You are not ready to move on. Rest, rethink the situation, and come to terms with the loss.


To go to a funeral (be at a funeral).

If in your dream you see yourself going to a funeral, it means that something in your life has ended. It is time to prepare for a new one.

Dreambook explains the dream as a signal about the end of a relationship. Stop thinking about the past and what you could have done. It’s time to live your life and move on.

Your own funeral (to be at your own funeral).

Attending your own funeral in a dream reflects your fears about your own death. Maybe you are worried about your legacy, about the people you will leave behind. Maybe you are making difficult decisions. Talk to someone about your thoughts.

Another dream meaning may suggest that you want to express your true emotions and feelings that you have been hiding until now.

Funeral procession (people at a funeral).

A dream that you are joining other people in a funeral procession suggests that you will have to rely on others to get you through difficult times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support.

If in your dream you see yourself participating in a funeral procession the dream means that you want to manifest something and show the world what you care about.


Funeral of parents

Dreaming about your parents’ funeral suggests that you need to cut yourself off from them in waking life, become independent, or gather the courage to express your own opinion and go your own way. Gather the courage to develop yourself.

If your parents are sick or elderly, the dream indicates fear of losing them.

Funeral of a child

The dream signals trouble and moral degradation. Faced with some events, you will question the rightness and ethics of everything you learn about the world.

The dream can also mean upcoming changes in family life.

Funeral of a spouse (wife, husband)

A dream about a spouse’s funeral means that you are feeling strong emotions about a divorce or separation. You feel saddened and dejected. The dream can also mean big changes in the life of your family.

Funeral of grandfather or grandmother

Dreaming about your grandfather’s or grandmother’s funeral means that you are referring to the traditional values you have brought from home. You may be facing some difficulties or have doubts about what to do. The dream hints that you should stick to what is in your heart.

Funeral of your aunt or uncle

If the dream shows the funeral of your aunt or uncle, you will have to fight for your own in connection with real estate or inheritance. Think through your strategy and don’t go to extremes.

Cousin’s funeral

If the dream shows the funeral of your cousin, Dreambook translates it as a manifestation of your jealousy or hostility towards your family. Think about your behavior and its causes. It is time to change your attitude.


Funeral of someone from the family (close person, relative).

Watching a funeral in a dream indicates conflict and arguments in your family.

Try to control your emotions and think rationally. Strive for consensus.

Funeral of a friend

Dreambook predicts that your relationship with a friend will soon end. You are very concerned about your friend’s well-being. Perhaps you feel that he is exhibiting destructive behavior that is hurting other people. This is a difficult decision for you, but inevitable.

Funeral of an animal (dog, cat).

The dream signals that something has disappeared from your life and you can’t come to terms with the loss. It may be related to a hobby or a job that you are forced to give up. Accept it and let it go.

Funeral of a stranger

Watching the funeral of a stranger you don’t know in your dream reveals your desire to end something in real life. You experience strong negative emotions and expect the worst. Perhaps unnecessarily, in order to start something new, after all, you need to end the old first.

Another dream meaning suggest that you are waiting for some message.


Dreambook warns us to be careful when driving. Be alert and have eyes “around your head” if you are eating on a journey. You may want to postpone your trip?

Other dream meanings suggest some takeoffs.


Funeral home

If you see a funeral home in your dream Dreambook recommends that you spend more time with your family and respond to any problems of loved ones without procrastination or disregard. Pay attention, especially to the elderly.


Dreambook suggests that it is time to change your situation. Especially if you have been experiencing some trouble or setbacks in recent weeks, now is the time to improve and reap the fruits of your efforts and work.

Wreath (flowers for a funeral)

Dreaming about flowers for a funeral indicates good and still vivid memories you have of someone from the past. This can refer to a person who is no longer alive, but also to someone who has left or passed away from you, such as a partner.

Funeral hourglass (funeral notice)

A funeral notice in a dream indicates the end of something, such as a relationship. The dream also reminds you of the passing of irrevocable time. Do not miss any opportunity.


The dream reminds you of the role of family in your life. Maybe you haven’t had time for her lately or you’ve lost touch with your loved ones. It’s time to catch up.

Mourning, black clothes (mourning clothes)

Dreaming about wearing black mourning clothes means that your regrets will soon pass. Your situation will improve, however, do not think lightly about your past mistakes.

Summary of a dream about a funeral

  • To plan a funeral (prepare for a funeral) – you are very worried about losses
  • To go to a funeral (be at a funeral) – something in your life has ended
  • Your own funeral (be at your funeral) – you want to express your hidden emotions and feelings
  • Funeral procession (people at the funeral) – don’t be afraid to ask for help and support
  • Funeral of parents – go your own way
  • Funeral of a child – moral dilemmas before you
  • Funeral of a spouse (wife, husband) – big changes in the life of your family are coming
  • Funeral of a grandfather or grandmother – stick to what you’ve learned from home
  • Funeral of an aunt or uncle – you will have to fight for property
  • Funeral of a cousin – change your attitude towards your family
  • Funeral of someone in the family (a loved one, relative) – beware of quarrels in your family
  • Funeral of a friend – a difficult decision ahead of you, but inevitable
  • Funeral of a pet (dog, cat) – accept the changes
  • Funeral of a stranger – don’t be afraid of ending a phase in your life
  • Hearse – be careful while driving
  • Funeral home – devote more time to your family and their problems
  • Grave – it’s time to change your situation
  • Wreath (flowers for a funeral) – you still remember someone from the past
  • Funeral hourglass (funeral notice) – don’t miss any opportunity
  • Wake – it’s time to catch up with your loved ones
  • Mourning, black clothes (mourning clothes) – your situation will improve

Dreambook mystical – funeral

  • If you see your own funeral in your dream, it is a sign of good luck awaiting you.
  • The funeral of a good friend foretells unpleasantness for you, or perhaps even danger that may threaten you in the near future.
  • The funeral of an unknown person heralds for you to receive an inheritance.
  • The funeral of an important person heralds the changes that will take place in your life.
  • If you dream that you are attending the funeral of a stranger, it means that soon one of your friends will suffer some misfortune.
  • When you laugh at someone’s funeral, it heralds bad luck for you in your professional life.
  • If you dream that you are in funeral clothes, it foretells that a loved one will leave you fast.
  • If you see a funeral procession in your dream, it foreshadows the death of one of your loved ones.
  • Making a funeral speech is a signal that in waking life you have good, trustworthy friends.
  • When you dream that you have been buried alive, it is a signal from your subconscious to exercise extreme caution in the near future, as any mistake can cost you dearly.

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