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dream flameAssociation: – Inspiration, – intensive emotions. Question: – Which feelings urge to be expressed?


They are always connected with the cosmic vitality which destroys to create space for new developments: In her cleaning strength passes an old period of life. A new, happy phase approaches. Before the changes one needs to have no fear. But maybe one has felt also himself the positive strength of the fire in the dream. Provided that it is understood as a male gender symbol, her going out must point to the fear to lose the dear strength.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Flame

  • seamster lies it to see a light burning flame as a token of the internal purification.
  • red flames can indicate a menacing danger. One should follow this warning.
  • A lilac flame can be a connection with own unconscious.
  • flickering flames point to consuming passions.
  • they are valid

  • as a warning sign if it translates a house (: then your own body) umlodern, – they point to psychic and physical damage.
  • The Egyptians believed who sees flames in the dream, may count on immense monetary increase.



  • in general: Flame means cleaning,
  • highlights see: Joy experience, – success,
  • flickering ones: an uncertain luck.

(European ones).:

  • means that one will receive a big sum money or a bigger present,
  • fight: the biggest strains and energy must use to accumulate a property,
  • bring under control: everything will well go out, although difficulties are to be mastered.

Flame - dream interpretation and meaning
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