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dream fountainAssociation: – The emotions which press to the light – freedom of the emotional expression, – let go. Question: – Which feelings bubble in me high?

In general:

If a dream of a fountain acts, this means that the dreaming recognises the process of the life and the river of his consciousness. Because of his nearness to the water the fountain also shows surging the feelings and often the ability to express this. A fountain can also show a playful element in the life of the dreaming: The need to be free and ‘fluent and lighthearted.



A fountain in the dream often shows the mother’s figure or the spring of the feelings. A symbol for beauty and harmony – and for the female orgasm.


At the spiritual level a fountain in the dream is the symbol for immortality and for the everlasting life.



  • see more intact and of it benäßt become: pleasant dispersions find, – you have a happy time,
  • with fizzy water: one will have enough energy to realise his plans,
  • without water: the plans are condemned to the failure.

(European ones).:

  • promises so much that one will come of the rain to the eaves,
  • see: points to a costly pleasure,
  • with clear water: a good dream, the joy of life contained,
  • are splashed by one: a pleasure will end with a bad dissonance.


  • see: you will uncover by your cleverness something,
  • benäßt become: you go for a nice life escape.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Fountain

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