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A dream about flowers means that you will achieve your goals, both professionally and personally. Usually, such a dream also means having devoted friends.

Flowers in a dream are often a symbol of feelings and relationships with other people. Their colors say a lot about what you want and what you are like.


Dreambook flowers

Flowers in the garden

The dream that you are planting flowers in the garden is an expression of your desires, the desire to create and surround yourself with beauty, the desire to create and change the environment in which you live.

Nurturing flowers means an influx of profits and domestic happiness.

Growing flowers in the garden may also suggest that you will experience happy times with a romantic partner. If you are single the dream indicates that a person who will truly love you will soon appear in your life. Your partner will bestow sincere affection on you.

A dream that you are growing flowers also signifies improvement, improving your life, and your financial situation will improve.

To pick flowers

If in your dream you were picking or saw someone picking flowers the dream means that the time is conducive to new relationships, which will be important for the realization of your projects.

The dream also means that you will make fundamental friendships in your life.


To buy or sell flowers

Buying or selling flowers in a dream is a sign that you will win the heart of someone you cared a lot about. Another dream meaning speaks of an important event in your life.

To receive flowers

When you receive flowers in a dream, you will soon get married or someone close to you will get married. If you receive flowers and throw them in the trash, Dreambook warns you to prevent disputes with your spouse.

To gift flowers to someone

A dream that you are gifting someone with flowers is a sign that someone in your family will get married. Dreambook also encourages you to be more confident, this will make your life much easier.

To eat flowers

If you are eating flowers in your dream, pay attention to your suppressed desires. Try to be more natural and express your emotions and your own opinion clearly.

Favorite flowers

According to Dreambook to see, buy or get your favorite flower means that your social life will be very intense. It is also possible to fall in love, you will live a great love.

Flowers in a vase

Dreambook predicts that your greatest desires will be fulfilled, but you should be more decisive in your dealings with others. You will be able to achieve your goals.

The dream also symbolizes protection and security.

Blossoming flower (bud)

The dream exhorts you to make a deep reflection on your life and your attitudes. Try to resolve conflicting situations. Feel comfortable at last.


Withered flowers

Such a dream is a sign of great professional achievement. Dreambook, however, warns that overconfidence in others can hinder your plans.

A lack of prudence can affect your life very severely. It is a warning of problems that can be avoided. Don’t waste things or opportunities.

Take care of your health.


A beautiful bouquet seen in a dream is joy and a sign of good relationships.

If you receive a bouquet in a dream, your emotional life will be full of elation, and if you sent a bouquet to someone, you will meet a great love.

Seeing or picking up a bridal bouquet in a dream Dreambook advises you to show more affection to your loved one. On the other hand, a bouquet in a basket is a sign of happy love.

Lots of bouquets in the same place mean disagreement, especially in professional matters.


A dream about a flower shop is a sign of personal and professional success.


It can also mean colorful, interesting life experiences. Talking to a florist heralds new and interesting friendships.

Types of flowers

Potted flowers (in a pot)

The dream foretells new relationships, it may be a new friendship or a new love.

Other dream meanings speak of restrictions or peace in your home. Reading the meaning of the dream depends on the type and color of flowers and where they are placed.

Green potted flowers

Such a dream symbolizes strong feelings and strong ties that exist in your family. Take care of them, support your loved ones, and remember them, and you will certainly not be left alone in life.

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers seen in a dream warn: do not succumb to influence, it is up to you to decide which will solve the problem at work.

A dream about artificial flowers shows that you need to control your negative feelings, avoid jealousy, and even endure pressures to avoid getting into trouble or long-term conflicts. Difficult situations can happen both at work and in your personal life.

Funeral flowers (wreath)

The dream reveals your feelings. You are accompanied by sadness, grief, and longing. The dream can also mean anxiety, especially about loved ones. Do not give in to such moods. Seek help and solutions to problems, go out to people, and start living life to the fullest.

Cut flowers

Dreambook encourages you to be more natural and sensible. Reckless decisions can destroy a lot in your life. Be more relaxed and take a distance from events.


Field flowers

Dreambook claims that you have a chance to experience great love. It will be deep and beautiful. You value naturalness and diversity – and this is the kind of life the dream forecasts for you.

Species of flowers


A dream in which roses appear means love and desire. Of great importance is their color and to whom they are given or who holds them. They are also a symbol of femininity, delicacy, and beauty. They foretell happiness and reciprocated love.


Carnations in a dream are a symbol of friendship, and their color signifies character traits. They also foretell a funny event or an important visit.


The dream foretells wealth. The color of the flowers gives the possibility to interpret the dream accurately. The general meaning of the dream about lilies speaks of sincerity and purity of your partner’s feelings. They can also signify an agreement, a strengthening of ties.

Cherry blossom

A dream about a cherry blossom predicts happy moments. You should enjoy them by opening up to the world. Enjoy what you have and appreciate the people who love you.

Flower colors

Purple flowers

The dream signifies longing and melancholy. Do something to improve your mood. Lingering in sadness can only worsen your condition.

Pink flowers

A pink flower is a symbol of tenderness and tenderness and indicates that you may soon have a new romance. The person you meet will show you new shades of love, with many surprises, and will bring joy into your life.

White flowers

A dream about a white flower indicates that you may be going through moments of sadness and anguish, mainly because of intrusive thoughts that are completely preoccupying your attention. Try to free yourself from internal conflicts and leave behind what is troubling you.


Blue flowers

Dreambook says that you can expect good, peaceful moments spent with your family. This is a good time to strengthen relationships and renew broken ties.

Yellow flowers

Yellow color represents spirituality, joy, a celebration of love, and friendship. If you dreamed about yellow flowers the meaning of the dream can be read as a prediction that good times are ahead of you in the company of sincere friends.

Red flowers

The dream about red flowers symbolizes passion, strong feelings, and physical attraction, which may prove to be uncontrollable, and can destroy
your life. If you have a partner do not be jealous, because this feeling can destroy your relationship.

Colorful flowers

If in your dream you saw or picked colorful flowers the dream meaning suggests that you will be more open. A new love will soon appear in your life.

The dream foretells good times in your personal and professional life, so your daily life will become much more peaceful. It will also be easier for you to achieve success.

Dream meaning: flowers

  • Flowers in the garden – your life will become better and more beautiful
  • Collect flowers – you will make new friends
  • Buy or sell flowers – you will win the heart of someone you cared a lot about
  • Receive flowers – you or someone close to you will get married soon
  • To give someone flowers – be more confident in yourself
  • Eat flowers – release repressed desires
  • Favorite flowers – your social life will be very intense
  • Flowers in a vase – you should be more decisive in your dealings with others
  • A blooming flower (bud) – try to resolve conflict situations
  • Withered flowers – take care of your health
  • Bouquet – your life will be filled with joy
  • Florist – you will be successful and your life will become colorful
  • Potted flowers (in a pot) – a new friendship or new love lies ahead of you
  • Green potted flowers – support loved ones and nurture family relationships
  • Artificial flowers – don’t be influenced by others, make your own decisions
  • Funeral flowers (wreath) – you are afraid for loved ones
  • Cut flowers – be sensible and gain distance from events
  • Field flowers – you have a chance to experience great love
  • Roses – happiness, and love are coming
  • Carnations – expect a visit
  • Lilies – the time of understanding, and strengthening ties has come
  • Cherry blossom – enjoy what you have and appreciate the people who love you
  • Purple flowers – you will be overwhelmed by longing and melancholy
  • Pink flowers – you may soon have a new romance
  • White flowers – free yourself from internal conflicts and what makes you anxious
  • Blue flowers – expect good, peaceful moments spent with your family
  • Yellow flowers – nice moments in front of you in the company of sincere friends
  • Red flowers – you can lose yourself in love
  • Colorful flowers – a new love will soon appear in your life

Flowers – Dreambook mystical dreambook

  • If you see flowers in your dream, it may mean that in waking life you have some unsatisfied sexual needs.
  • Fresh flowers foretell that you will enjoy excellent health in the near future.
  • Beautiful flowers augur some success for you.
  • Fragrant flowers are a sign that many good events will take place in your life in the time to come.
  • Withered flowers augur setbacks for you.
  • If you are picking flowers in your dream, it is a sign that you may soon face some losses, not necessarily financial.
  • When you dream that you are snapping and throwing away flowers, it may mean that happiness will soon appear on your path, but you will miss it.

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