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dream flashAssociation: – lightning enlightenment, – sudden vision. Question: – What awakes in me?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Danger, – fear, – power, – stress. Description: The flash is to be discharged means of the atmosphere, either by a cloud to the next or by a cloud to the earth electrically. In the course of the centuries flashes in the person have caused equally fear as well as joy. The flash was understood as a message of the gods, as pointing the way for the energy of the sun, as an emphatic stress of the will of levels beyond the everyday ones. General meaning: Message from other creation empires, – your connection with the fire, – tensions dissolve. Association: Quickness, – enlightenment. Transcendent meaning: A message of the thunder beings, – unexpected inspiration, – the energy rays which feel in such a way, as if they want to help you or check you.



The flash can have two meanings in the dream: if he twitches only about the sky and illuminates the environment without causing, besides, damage, this one sudden enlightenment, a spontaneous inspiration, a sudden examination from the unconscious can mean which one should follow and reveals us often like lightning how we can better manage in our awake life. If he appears to the dreaming, nevertheless, forcible natural phenomenon, this is a tip to displacement or affect buildups of the dreaming which are diminished by unexpected aggression. In this dream connection the flash means an uncontrolled unloading of physical or psychic tensions. Also fear of a punishment, the revenge of another person or financial loss can appear in it. It is the sign for the fact that uncontrollable forces influence our soul life.

  • dreams of flashes are connected with the concepts Power, Inspiration and Strength. One Considering, how long the flash lasted and whether he frightened to one or excited.
  • one must calculate

  • Becoming one of the flash grieved without taking damage on unexpected difficulties, however, she will well survive.
  • If the flash nearby hits, a local change approaches, for lovers he has a favorable meaning (there it has just hit), with married couples, however, he accelerates the division. Indian interpreters of dreams against it state, the flash in the dream points to an illness. With Freud the flash has phallische meaning.
  • If the flash something has damaged, one thinks about for which this thing could stand.


The flash is the powerful and exceedingly quick fire of the sky.


A thunder without flash means because he unexpectedly comes, posters and raids, a flash without thunder futile fear, – then after the flash expects one a thunderclap which is because of the din nothing else than a threat. If he is not to be heard, he causes the fear which is groundless. A flash without storm which hits nearby without meeting the person expels the dreaming of the place where he just stays, – it holds then nobody near a flash. If he hits, however, before him, he stops him from advancing. If the head is met by the flash, a double interpretation is indicated according to the opinion of the oldest interpreters of dreams: To arms it is a sign from good, to empires of bad premeaning, – the reason for it is following: The arms resemble modest and usual places where one unloads dung and other refuse, the empires against it to holy districts of the gods or person, to temples of the gods or holy groves or in any way important sites. As well as now the flash of lightning gets unimportant places call and name because one establishes there altars and offers victim on them, however, splendid possessions makes desert and unenterable (then nobody wants to stay there more), accordingly this dream experience brings to a poor use, a rich damage. Furthermore the flash is nothing else than fire, however, quality is to destroy every material. Now owns to the poor poverty, the rich wealth. Consequently it will destroy of the poor poverty and the rich wealth, – then from the flash grieved sensation excites with a blow. Also a pauper, suddenly become rich, and a rich man who has unexpectedly lost his property will cause sensation. The former followed these principles. The later also included the slaves and explained, it brings this luck to be met by the flash because from the flash grieved no more masters about himself would have still themselves further would have to process, – one puts in to them as well as released splendid garments and meets them like being which have been honoured by Zeus, as well as one respects released who have found out the favour of her men. Many tips about the dream of the bolt of lightning have contributed Alexander von Myndos and also Phoibos of Antiocheia from experience and own knowledge, however, they were not able to work out the fine differentiations in all. It behaves with it as follows: The dream experience the freedom gives the slaves who do not enjoy the confidence of her men, while those who have it or take pleasure to the favour of her men or are very wealthy lose trust, favour and property. From the open air it brings to the arms which do not try to hide her need, use, while it that which hide and avoid the light of the public, transfers. Since neither the impact of a flash remains unnoticed because he goes under mighty thunderclaps and immense thunderstorm hernieder, nor one of the flash can remain a grieved concealed. To the empires which should carry because of a state office or priesthood golden jewellery it causes no damage, it prophesies to them rather a shining career as high officials or priests. The gold resembles because because of his colour the fire, therefore, one says with Pindaros: ‘Gold is like burning fire. ‘ It brings the remaining people for cited reason around having and property, if another fact does not intervene hindering. To unmarried, arms like empires, it promises the marriage, – then nothing gives so much warmth like the fire and a woman to the body. It separates married ones, partner, brothers and friends makes it enemies, – then the flash unites nothing, but distinguishes what is united. Who has children, she will lose, namely by the death, if the dreaming suffers pains after the bolt of lightning if not, by another kind of separation, – then trees dry up if they are met by the flash, and her young desires come. It gets athletes, belletrists of every kind and people who want to make a name to themselves in public respect. In processes around the civil right it is of use if one dreams of being met by the flash, – then none of the flash of grieved is lawless where one honours him, nevertheless, like a God. Against it threatens people who go to court because of assets of every kind, a judgment unfavorable for them, except, the lawsuit gets lost around land or immovables, – we say because in the colloquial language of people them her process, they would have been met by the flash. In processes around land it protects tenants who fear to be expelled by her possession, furthermore the right of use, – also from the flash grieved are not transferred elsewhere, but there and then where they were grasped by the fire ray, are buried. Against it it prophesies people who raise claim on foreign ground that they do not enter him, but will remain where they are, that is beyond the same, except, one dreams of being hit not even by the flash, but one sees the fire ray on the property descending, – then this dream face makes it for the owners unenterable. Further the flash of lightning leads back the travelling again in the native country, while he infuses the locals not out of the country. Nevertheless, it is to be noted that the dream of the bolt of lightning means only the explained on top if it seems to one to have been singed by the flash, or he has descended on head or breast, – he singes because, only otherwise, a body part, but not the whole body, or he does not meet a body part in such a way that with the grieved unavoidably the death would have to enter, are to be interpreted the face in such a way, as if only single body parts, but not the whole twill were damaged. If one dreams of being met by the flash, while one goes to the sea, in the bed is or on the earth back or bäuchlings lies, nothing good brings, – luck prophesies it, in the end, only if one, standing or on a chair or, otherwise, a piece of furniture seated, by the flash is met. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, the external bed tunnel of his Ruhestatt has been shattered by the flash, and there died his wife.



  • in general: if Li> is valid for symbol of the coming joyless events, – annoyance in the occupation,
  • see without thunder: an enemy will try to meet you or to humiliate, –
  • goes hernieder: Access and you have the luck in the hand.
  • hits: Your hesitation has damaged to you. Another preempted to you, –
  • are met by him: a sudden misfortune, – also: one may mind to his health that one will not strike sooner or later from an illness, –
  • see one and afterwards hear the thunder: promises quick progress in the occupation and a lot of luck in close future.


  • This omen stands for a forthcoming, very sudden change. She can be pleasant or disagreeable, depending on how you felt in the latest past and held back. In any case, watchfulness is right. Moreover, you will learn from this occurrence something. (Child


(European ones).:

  • see flash: The symbol of a sudden revelation, – quite sudden clarity about states and events, – above all well with well-to-do people, – with not well-to-do people announces it luck and wealth of short duration, –
  • without thunder: Distress, tiff and quarrel, – annoyance and frustration, –
  • flash and thunder: if promises luck and profit, – happy reunion with friends or female friends, –
  • with thunder hits: if Li> tells a loss in,
  • feel nearby smashing and the blow: the luck of a friend will do harm to you or you are angry at gossips and Lästermäuler, –
  • paled see going by dark clouds: Omens for grief, – on luck will soon follow difficulties, –
  • from menacingly looking clouds: Herald of menacing loss, – businessmen should look after your shops and women around your men or mothers, – children and sick people need the care, –
  • over the head: Joy and profit, –
  • on his head or house see hitting: Loss of property and life, – misfortune, –
  • are met by him and take damage: heavy illness, –
  • are met by him and take no damage: a danger from which one will escape, – also: unexpected grief in the occupation or in the love, –
  • as a summer lightning: if means good, –
  • a flash in the south: the success will be missing time-long, –
  • in the southwest: the luck is to you on the heels, –
  • in the west: Their views will be better than before, –
  • in the north: Obstacles must be overcome, before your views improve, –
  • in the east: win fast favour and property.


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