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dream foliageWith the dreams in which sheets seem there matters above all their state. Sheets symbolise in dreams generally the thoughts and feelings of the dreaming. Foliage means in general transitoriness, often asks to live more at the moment.


  • young sheets stand for new thoughts and awaking feelings or hopes, healthy, green foliage for the balance and joy of living of the dreaming.
  • in the autumn foliage are reflected the experience and the regular action and thinking.
  • however,

  • of wilted, sloping foliage symbolises disappointment, resignation and dying thoughts and feelings of the dreaming, above all if in the dream at the same time a winter scenery appears.
  • green foliage should bring according to opinion of antique interpreters of dreams joy and hope, wilted melancholy and failure.



  • see the green: pleasant experiences in view have, – long persistent luck,
  • the wilted: wrong speculations, – one will have to give up some ideas and wishes – resignation threatens,
  • see falling, green: Death of a young person,
  • see falling, brightly: glad dancing after done work,
  • see falling, dries up: your days are counted,
  • collect: in professional regard may count on success, – also: Inheritance can expect.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the natural transitoriness, – it reminds to catch the luck and to enjoy,
  • see the nice green: brings glad hopes during murky days, – brings the fulfilment of a wish, – the matters will prosper,
  • green foliage: one is in the mental balance,
  • green foliage with blossoms: very good omen for lovers,
  • green foliage with fruits: Signs of a happy marriage,
  • the dropping: if evil, – business losses, – means disappointments in the love and in domestic matters, as well as quarrel with friends,
  • the dry: if monetary profit,
  • promises

  • the coloured or wilted: Li> brings disappointments and worries,
  • disagreeable, important and varied experiences, –

  • collect foliage: a nice sign for monetary increase or inheritance.


  • the green: the times will suddenly change,
  • the dry: by a damage you will move your life,
  • see dropping: your luck is in danger.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Foliage

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