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dream foodAssociation: – Food, – security, – pleasure or avarice. Question: – What do I feed in myself? What do I starve for?

In general:

Food in the dream symbolises the satisfaction of human basic needs, if they are to physical, spiritual or spiritual nature. One interprets food (food) as meal, – the symbol refers to the spiritual-mental area which ‘starves’ for experience, hope, ideals and love. Action dreams repeats from food, then the dreaming must argue with the question which of his needs he ignores consistently.



With the dream symbols which treat the food all possible courts and food can appear. If courts or food appear in her dream, it is to be seen importantly to it with which feelings they perceive this. One should avoid the dishes with which loss of appetite or even disgust appears. If they dine in the dream long for which are eaten in harmonious atmosphere and which taste to you in the dream, will be probably healthy also in the life for you. They can also pay attention to whether food rather vegetarian in your dreams appears or not. You can interpret all this as tips and tips for an individual healthy food. All food in the dream is to be seen symbolically for this what we must ‘swallow’ and digest. Food is used in the dream often in the figurative sense as for example as spiritual or emotional food and should be also considered accordingly. Some dreaming report about distinctive sensations of taste during her dreams. For others such sensuous experiences are rare or not existent. This sensitivity in the dream is probably a direct Widerspiegelung of the sensitivity which one has developed in the everyday life for the taste. Can also eat on recognition and social abilities point – depending on whether the dreaming alone eats or together with other people. As visions the food points to physical and mental forces of the dreaming, as well as to his needs. To be able to interpret closer the dream, must be respected in her kind and state, but also on what happens with them. Single food stands with certain non-physical needs and wishes in connection. In the following some examples:

  • bread: It represents basic experiences or the basic needs of the dreaming.
  • meat: Physical satisfaction manifests itself in the dream often in the form as a meat.
  • raw meat can point to menacing misfortune.
  • fruits: In the dream the dreaming shows his experiences or his efforts and the potential for prosperity as fruits. Their colour could matter (see ‘colors’).
  • vegetables: It symbolises the basic needs and the material satisfaction of the dreaming. It also refers to the good which the person receives from the earth and from his sphere. Also here the colour possibly plays an important role (see ‘colors’).
  • milk: She also symbolises above all childish needs like other basic food.
  • sweets: Chocolate, cake, cake and so forth stand with sensuous pleasure and pleasure in connection. Nevertheless, they can also be a tip to dissatisfied needs at the emotional level.


At this level food stands for spiritual food.



  • take, in general: you will lead an unconcerned life,
  • consume favourite dish: one may count on the coming luck strand.

(European ones).:

  • eat completely of pleasure: everything will run to own satisfaction,
  • bolt down greedily some comestibles: one will suffer financial losses,
  • promise good living if is there to eat enough,
  • favourably if one becomes quickly full, – unfavorably it is to be feasted.


  • grief and worry by own guilt.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Food

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