fighting dream meaning


A dream in which you are fighting, fighting, or arguing often reveals your inner anxiety. The dream interpretation suggests that a plan about a fight or a fight may also express your doubts.

Conflicts in a dream show that you do not dare to face reality. The anger you encounter in the real world occurs in a plan. What does it mean when you dream about fighting?


Fighting dream meaning

You are fighting in the arena

If you dream that you are fighting in an arena or ring, you will go through a situation where more than one person will try to do something against you.

Listen to people and observe your surroundings more carefully before speaking. Avoid arguing or criticizing, and don’t get stressed.

Fighting in the arena means that you are a person who is fighting for victory and success without wanting to harm others.

fight dream symbol

Fighting in the war

The dream tells you that all kinds of obstacles that appear in your life are just temporary problems that you will deal with. You need to take more care of your health. Sleep also means fighting disease.

See a fight. You watch a fight

If you observe the fight in a dream, although you can see your mistakes and omissions in real life, you have done nothing to change the situation. Finally, take matters into your own hands.

A fight between your ex-partner and your current partner

Such a dream improves your self-esteem. You gain self-confidence and appreciate your physical attractiveness.


Sleep also means that you still have positive feelings for your ex-partner, and that in some ways affects your current relationship.

In such a situation, if you meet or come closer to your ex-partner while you are awake, your new relationship will be at risk. You have to reckon with your feelings and make the final and irreversible decision with whom you want to be.

Sword fighting

Pay attention to the people around you. If you fight with a sword, you are worried about people close to you at work. Many of them pose as friends but want to use your kindness and willingness to help to advance their careers.

Knife fighting

A dream portends that you have or will have a dispute with someone very close – a relative or friend. This dispute will significantly impact your relationship. Try to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Fighting a monster

You are desperate to find a space for yourself and have a chance to find what you are looking for or get what you are trying to get.

The dream also suggests that you were too disappointed in people, so you decided to search for new friends.

Fistfight, arena fight

If you dreamed that you were fist fighting with someone, you have resolved a delicate situation, but you still hurt that person. Consider whether you have apologized to loved ones and have forgiven one another.

If people are at odds with you, reach out to them first and maintain a good and stable relationship.


Fighting with yourself

When you struggle with your own emotions, what your mind tells you differently, your heart tells you differently, calm down, rest, and make the appropriate decision. The dream interpretation proposes that if you are to decide on your work, take it responsibly because it will significantly impact your future.

fight dream

Famous athletes fight

If you are fighting a famous boxer or another athlete, a dream symbolizes that you are starting to make your dreams come true. Strive to meet them and make yourself happy.

Fighting for money

This signifies that reasonable cooperation offers, contracts, or other profitable projects are approaching you. It is a great time to show your potential and demonstrate professionalism.

Fighting a bear

It is a loss when you have a problem in your family and dream of fighting a bear. You feel cheated by your relatives, e.g., in property matters, the conflict can also have emotional and sentimental significance.

Fighting the mother

Such a dream indicates that you are a victim of a scam. You do not believe in other people, even loved ones. Open up more to others. Seek help if you can’t cope with your emotions. Learn lessons for the future, but don’t close yourself off to the world.

Fighting someone already dead

Sleep means you are experiencing work-related setbacks. If you are looking for it, you cannot find what interests you. If you are working, you feel pressure from your boss and keep trying to prove that you are better. You feel underappreciated.

Others are fighting for you

Such a dream means that you feel guilty. The situation may concern various events in your personal or professional life. For example, you have rejected someone’s love and failed someone’s expectations.

You won the fight

When you win a fight in your dream, you will get out of some oppression, avoid danger, and succeed. This also applies to your long-term struggle or work.


Fighting with brother

Your little enthusiasm usually means that you miss the chance of achieving your goal. Try to make it to the end this time because the stakes are high. Be careful what you sign. Several people are watching you closely, and not all wish you well.

Fighting with sister

This dream means that there is a faithful person with you who supports you in good times and bad. You should make her feel appreciated, or it may worsen your relationship.

fighting dream interpretation

Fighting with a stranger

Find an additional source of income. Thanks to this, you will not only protect yourself financially, but also gain a new hobby and build a network of interesting contacts. Remember that there are no impossible situations, and you’ve had worse problems.

Fighting Dream Interpretation

  • You are fighting in the arena – someone is against you
  • Fighting in war – temporary problems
  • Seeing a fight, watching a fight – change your situation
  • Fight between ex-partner and current partner – decide
  • Sword fighting – watch out for the people around you
  • Fighting with a knife – a dispute with loved ones
  • Hand-to-hand combat – you are searching for a place for yourself
  • Fistfight – you still hurt someone
  • Fighting with yourself – you feel the disconnect between your mind and your heart
  • Fighting famous athletes – you make your dreams come true
  • Fight for money – profits are coming
  • Fighting a wild animal – family conflict
  • Fighting a woman – someone deceived you
  • Fighting someone already dead – failure at work
  • Others are fighting for you – you have let someone down
  • You won the fight – you will succeed
  • A fight with your brother – you lose the chance to achieve the goal
  • A war with your sister – there is a faithful person with you
  • Brawl with a stranger – find an additional source of income

Fighting Islamic Interpretations & Meanings

This symbol means that there will be many reasons for quarrels and serious misunderstandings in your life that you will not be able to nip in the bud and unfortunately you will have to face them.

If you dream that you are trying to calm down the people who are fighting, it is an announcement that something very unpleasant will happen in your life due to the fault of your loved ones, which will make you feel sorry for some time.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Fighting

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