A dream about flying

The dream about you flying symbolizes the need for freedom, which may come from some unpleasant situation or the company of a person.

Flying means getting rid of worries. Such a dream usually has people who look at life optimistically.


Dreambook flying

Flying without wings

The dream can mean joy and happiness. It can also symbolize the search for freedom, overcoming your fears, and overcoming barriers. You can now fulfill your dreams.

Flying like a bird

The dream indicates that you have a goal in mind and are very focused on it, doing everything to achieve it. Just be careful not to hurt other people.

The dream is an indication that you will have to use more diplomacy and common sense not to miss something or someone.

Flying high

Fears have a great impact on your life. Try to observe whether you are suffering from someone’s manipulation. You will be able to turn the situation around.

The dream also signifies a desire to realize a big dream, which may be personal or professional.

It is time to take more responsibility for your life.


Flying low

If you took a low flight in your dream, it symbolizes your character traits, such as being closed off and introverted.

You are a person who knows how to handle emotions and feelings well, especially when you are faced with unpleasant and bad news.

Flying at night

Dreams about night flight reveal your emotions. If the night was lunar, the dream foretells joy and happiness in your relationship. If the night was without the moon, there are problems in your relationship, and the dreambook advises you to avoid bouts of jealousy.

If the night was very dark, you will be worried, and saddened by the situation. Clear and starry nights mean an improvement in the situation.

Flying in the air

The dream of you flying means happiness, and joy in life. This dream is directly related to peace and responsibility.

These are favorable moments for developing new passions or making changes.

Flying in a dream is a happy sign, you will know how to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Flying above the trees (park, garden, forest).

The meaning of the dream symbolizes that important achievements in your professional life are coming. It is associated with more money and a significant improvement in your standard of living.


Flying over water (over the sea)

The dream that you are flying over the sea symbolizes your worries about seeking solutions to problems. The dream may also indicate health problems, do not disregard the recommendations of specialists.

The dream is also a sign of peaceful and lasting love.

Flying by plane

The dream foretells that you will be able to fulfill your wishes. Enjoy the good energy and act. Do not make the same mistakes.

Flying by helicopter

If you dreamed that you are flying a helicopter, it means that you need freedom and independence in life. You are trying to avoid problems that can disturb your peace of mind.

Another meaning of the dream signals that you will soon make quick profits. You may also seize an opportunity and do unexpected business.

Flying in a balloon

The dream that you are in a balloon means that your friends will help you realize an old dream. Another meaning of the dream can be interpreted as a sign that you value freedom.

Flying in a balloon also signifies success at work and various opportunities for action in life.

Flying over a city

The dream indicates that you are going through a period in which you experience freedom, success, and confidence. Usually, this type of dream occurs in really happy people, content with themselves.


Flying on a hang glider

You are looking for peace of mind. If you are going through moments of suffering, this dream shows that everything will be fine soon and that you need to have confidence and faith in the future. Try to take a break from work and daily responsibilities.

Flying above the clouds

If you dreamed that you are above the clouds, you will soon experience beautiful moments. New passions will emerge, and relationships will improve significantly. Enjoy and show your feelings.

Flight into space

A dream about flying into space indicates that you are “above the situation” and have overcome some obstacle that caused some inconvenience or problems. The dream also symbolizes the desire to stand out.

Flying on a broomstick

This is a very positive dream. If you flew like a witch in your dream, it means liberation, the appearance of an important event in your life, as well as great surprises.

If you were accompanied by another person during the flight, the dream means that good events will affect both of you. The dream represents optimism, success, the need to break the routine, and even excessive ambition.

Peaceful flight

The dream shows that you are happy. The meaning of the dream indicates that you are a person who looks at life quite optimistically. You are attentive and tolerant, which helps you in everyday life.

To be afraid to fly

You deal badly with the opinions of others about you. Besides, obstacles and difficulties can show that you are intolerant. Learn to listen to others.

Flying and falling

The dream means that you have lost your self-confidence. If you do not regain it, you will not fulfill your desires or achieve your goal. Another meaning of the dream can be interpreted as a prediction of failure.


It is time to review your plans and actions. It is also a warning to put aside uncertainty and believe in yourself more.


If you landed on the ground in your dream, the dreambook advises: believe more in yourself and develop your personal power. What hinders your plans is yourself, face life.

If in a dream you fly above the clouds – the time is conducive to new passions, rapprochement, and changes in relationships. Discover your feelings more before others.

If you land somewhere high, you should stop and reflect on your behavior and take responsibility for your own life.

Flying with someone

If in a dream you are flying in the company of another person, the dreambook advises: relax, do not despair, because a great love will appear in your life.

If you flew with many people, you will need to trust yourself and wait for what is to come. It is worth changing old habits.

The dream also means that the love of your life will come soon. A flight with friends indicates that you need company.

If you are accompanied by strangers while flying, you will soon make new friends or have a new relationship.



The dream signifies a desire or aspiration to get rid of limitations, and to fully express your feelings, beliefs, and needs. Another meaning of the dream says that you have strange ideas in your waking life.

The dreambook advises you to be guided by realism and reason.

Dream meaning: flying

  • Flying without wings – you overcome fears and transcend barriers
  • Flying like a bird – you are focused on your goal
  • Flying high – you want to realize your dream
  • Flying low – you handle your emotions well
  • Flying at night – take a look at what is going on in your relationship
  • Flying in the air – you are enjoying life
  • Flying over trees (park, garden, forest) – your professional life will improve
  • Flying over water (by the sea) – you are looking for solutions to problems
  • Flying by plane – you will fulfill your wishes
  • Flying by helicopter – you need freedom and independence
  • Flying a balloon – you will be successful at work
  • Flying over the city – you are satisfied with yourself and happy
  • Flying on a hang glider – you are looking for peace of mind
  • Flying above the clouds – you will experience beautiful moments
  • Flying in space – you have overcome some obstacle
  • Flying on a broomstick – an important event will occur in your life
  • Peaceful flight – you are happy
  • To be afraid to fly – learn to listen to others
  • Flying and falling – you have lost your confidence
  • Landing – believe more in yourself
  • Flying with someone – relax and trust yourself
  • Levitation – you strive to get rid of all limitations

Flying – mystical dreambook

  • When you dream that you are flying in an airplane, it means that your lofty plan, which you are pursuing or are about to start, will not succeed or even cause you to suffer some damage.
  • If you have wings in your dream, it is a harbinger of unspecified worries awaiting you.
  • When in a dream you fly without wings, it is a sign that you will soon experience great joy and feel truly happy.
  • When you fall while flying, it foretells that you will involuntarily be involved in some unpleasant situation.
  • When you see someone flying in your dream, it foreshadows jealousy awaiting you.
  • Flying in a balloon foreshadows for you the fulfillment of some of your dreams.
  • If you dream that you are flying not too high above the ground, it is a harbinger of good fortune awaiting you in all areas of your life or in some specific situation.
  • When you dream that you are flying high above the ground without wings, this is a harbinger of an unspecified danger awaiting you and the fear you will feel in connection with this danger.
  • Flying over houses and streets is a harbinger of troubles and internal dilemmas awaiting you.
  • When you dream that you are flying with birds, it may foretell that you will soon be dealing with foreigners and these may be very fruitful acquaintances for you.
  • When in a dream you fly while lying on your back, it is a sign that you will soon be unemployed, while if on waking you are sick, such a dream may herald death for you.
  • If you dream that you want to fly, but can’t, it is a harbinger of great misfortune awaiting you in the near future.

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