Feet are the support point of the body, responsible for stability and balance, so a dream about feet can represent health, protection and responsibility, as well as financial problems, jealousy and disappointment. Usually a dream about feet symbolizes something related to life and one’s state of mind, the way one reacts to events.

Feet in a dream are associated with our deepest feelings that need to be externalized. The dream may indicate an emotional wound that needs to be healed.


Since feet are necessary to get us where we want to go, the dream can also indicate a desire to fulfill one’s commitments and goals.

Dream Meaning About Feet

Seeing feet (your own or someone else’s)

If you saw your own feet in your dream, it suggests that you are facing a difficult situation and are ashamed of it. You should find a way to get out of it as soon as possible.

If you dreamed about other people’s feet, it’s a sign that you are very focused on others and ignoring your own problems. If you see a particular person’s feet in your dream, the dream may mean that you admire them.

Bare feet

The meaning of this dream can be interpreted as a sign of impending problems. Something beyond your control may thwart your plans. Do not doubt, however, and face adversity with dignity. They will soon pass.

The dream indicates difficulties, worries and frustrations related to the financial aspects of your life.

If in the dream you saw bare feet on the lawn or in the meadow, the meaning of the dream is that you are about to realize your dreams and wishes. The color green is also associated with hope, so this dream is a very positive sign.The dream can also foreshadow new love experiences.



If you left or saw footprints in your dream, it means that you will have good luck in the game. The dream also foretells much joy in life. Enjoy these happy moments.

Small feet

A dream about small feet is a signal for you not to worry about the future. You must have the confidence to take the initiative. Show that you have the ability and competence to solve professional problems and you will be successful.

Big feet

A dream about big feet is a good sign because it heralds a change for the better in your life. You will also have opportunities for better finances.
To see very big feet in a dream is a sign of good health.

Women’s feet

If you are a woman, a dream of a woman’s foot indicates that a rival will come your way. If you are single, watch out for a boyfriend, and if you are married, watch out for your husband.

For a man, the dream indicates that you will meet a woman who is very intelligent. If you are married, this person will shake up your relationship, and if you are single, the dreamer advises you to take care of this relationship, because you can spend your whole life with this woman.

Children’s feet

Dreaming of a child’s foot is a sign that you do not want to grow up and face life. Try not to depend on other people and find your own way.

Feet not fitting into shoes

If in your dream your feet did not fit into shoes, it means that you feel that you do not fit into a professional environment or a circle of friends. You feel bad about the place you are in. Try to change it so that you can be yourself.

Bound feet

If you see a person with bound feet in your dream, it means that the people you admire think they have power over you and that you should change this.


The dream can also be a sign that you are expecting a bad period in your life, but nothing should really worry you.

Tanned feet

The dream meaning advises you to control your jealousy. Avoid this feeling because it can bring you down or hurt someone. Do not suspect others, talk openly about your doubts.

Itchy feet

The dream foretells an unexpected journey. It may be related to your work or an event in your personal or family life. You may also have a chance to realize a dream related to travel.

Hairy Feet

Dreaming of a hairy foot indicates that your health is good and that you will have a long life. If you remove hair from your feet in your dream, be careful and take care of your finances so that you don’t get an unpleasant surprise.

Cold (icy) feet

The meaning of the dream suggests disappointment in love. The dream can refer to people in a relationship, but also to singles. Perhaps your ideas about this person have overshadowed your real life. The truth is sometimes painful, but you must come to terms with it.

Calluses on the feet

Calluses on the feet in a dream indicate difficulties in carrying out projects. The dream urges you to plan all your activities in detail so that you are prepared for any situation that may arise. The dream also predicts a long and happy life.

Painful feet

If you experience pain in your feet in a dream, it is a sign that you feel insecure about the feelings of a loved one. The meaning of the dream can also indicate family problems. Take an interest in your loved one’s problems and try to be helpful.

Bruised feet

A dream about bruised feet indicates that you have some kind of emotional wound that makes your life difficult. An injured foot prevents you from walking freely – from reaching your goals. If the emotional wounds are related to your childhood and youth – understand that you are not to blame for your suffering. Get rid of the traumas and don’t let them affect your present life.


Bleeding feet

A dream about bleeding feet indicates that you may be going through a period of problems and conflicts. The dreamer advises you to stay calm and keep your mind. Conflicts may be caused by someone’s longing for you. It is important for you to maintain balance. Take care of what is most important to you and above all take care of yourself.

Broken foot

According to the dreamer, such a dream is a sign that someone or something will clip your wings. You will experience some difficulty or sadness. Do not give in to negative emotions. Some things are out of your control.
Another meaning of this dream is that there will be new opportunities at work.

Swollen feet

The dream means a sudden change in your work or relationship. Maybe you’ve been expecting something to happen for a long time, or maybe you haven’t noticed the problem. Either way, some event or decision will affect your life in a significant way.

Clean feet

The dream meaning predicts family joys. Something good will happen in your family. There will be an occasion for celebration, joy, togetherness. The dream can also be a sign that there will be a reconciliation between relatives, the return of someone who has moved away from the family.

Dirty (neglected) feet

The meaning of this dream is that you need to pay more attention to yourself. And it’s not just about aesthetics, but also about health, well-being, spending time with yourself and self-realization. The dreamer warns you to be responsible, especially if you make any financial commitments.

The dream is a sign that you are still very connected to the past and that it plays a very serious role in your life. Remember to leave the past behind, live in the present and prepare your future. Treat the past as a source of experience that has brought you to the present, but it must not have a negative impact on the present. So take advantage of the good experiences you’ve had and consider the bad ones as lessons to avoid making the same mistakes.

This type of dream also indicates a sense of shame or guilt. Public speaking, stage fright, or failure at work or school are just some examples of situations that intimidate you. This dream is very common in shy and reserved people who seek the approval of others in order to feel good about themselves.If this is the case with you, start working on yourself, believe in yourself.

Washing your feet

You are feeling anxious or nervous. The dreamer advises: “Don’t be so anxious, try to relax, rest and balance the stress. Believe more in yourself. Changing your approach to the situation will make a big difference in your daily functioning.



Sleep is a sign that you need to change for the better. Try to think through the action and take the step to start implementing your plans. You have a chance to make them successful, so take advantage of the favorable circumstances.

Kissing feet

If you dream of someone kissing your feet, it means that you are responsible for a situation that is still causing a lot of grief or negative emotions. Clarify everything, repair the damage.

Strange feet

This dream means that you have honest friends around you. You can always count on them. Spend more time with them and show them your gratitude and trust.

Many feet

Having or seeing someone with more than two feet foretells abundance, security and prosperity.

If you saw many feet walking or running in your dream, the dreamer foretells some profit.

Losing your feet (cut off foot)

If you lost a foot in your dream, the dreamer warns: “Do not neglect.

Dream Meaning: Feet

  • To see feet (your own or someone else’s) – you are facing a difficult situation
  • Bare feet – face adversity with dignity
  • Footprints – you will have happiness and much joy
  • Small feet – no worries about the future
  • Big feet – a change for the better is coming
  • Woman’s feet – take care of your partner
  • Childish feet – you do not want to grow up and face life
  • Feet that don’t fit into shoes – you feel bad about where you are
  • Bound feet – don’t worry about the substitute
  • Tanned feet – don’t be jealous
  • Itchy feet – you are going on a trip
  • Hairy feet – your health is good for you
  • Cold (icy) feet – you may be disappointed in your partner
  • Calluses on feet – there may be difficulties at work
  • Painful feet – take an interest in the problems of your loved ones
  • Bruised feet – heal emotional wounds
  • Bleeding feet – stay calm and sensible
  • Broken foot(s) – do not succumb to negative emotions
  • Swollen feet – expect change
  • Clean feet – something good will happen in your family
  • Dirty (neglected) feet – you need to pay more attention to yourself, believe in yourself
  • Wash your feet – try to relax, rest
  • Pedicure – you have a chance for positive changes
  • Kiss your feet – settle old grudges and quarrels
  • Strange feet – you have honest friends
  • Many feet – prosperity will reign in your life
  • Lose feet (cut off foot) – don’t neglect a loved one, take care of professional matters
  • No feet – you need to plan your activities better
  • Famous person without feet – you are unfair to someone close to you

Mystic dream meaning – feet

Overall, this symbol can mean that you are currently planning something long-term or are about to start something.

The meaning of the dream foot

If you dream that you are watching your feet, it means that when you wake up you are very ashamed of something and feel humiliated, but you have to pull yourself together because you can’t put it off indefinitely.


If you’re looking at someone’s feet, it foretells a tragedy that will soon happen in your family.

If you dream that you have a big foot, it is a sign that you will own some property in the future.

A narrow foot in your dream foretells that you have a long and tiring journey ahead of you.

A sick foot is a sign that someone will create obstacles for you in connection with some matter.

A sore foot foretells an unpleasant situation for you.

A dirty foot is a harbinger of illness – for you or someone from your closest environment – family or friends.

If you dream of being bitten on the foot, it foretells that you will be jealous of something.

Cutting your foot is a sign that you will soon need the help of friends, but you will be disappointed in them.


An amputated foot foretells that you will cover yourself with shame and become an object of ridicule.

A deformed foot foretells that you will receive bad news in the near future.

A fat foot foretells minor serious health problems for you.

A swollen foot foretells a dramatic change in your fortune.

If you dream that you are washing your feet, it means that you are getting along well with your family.

If you kiss your feet, it foretells that you will suffer some humiliation and feel great remorse.

If you break your foot in a dream, it means that if you do not take extra care when you wake up, you may have some kind of accident.

A barefoot foot in a dream predicts that you will have some trouble, but you can handle it if you are not afraid of hard work.


dream feetTo dream about your own feet represents your ability to grasp concepts, find balance in life, and establish core values. It indicates that you prefer to be empirical and realistic. You prefer to keep both feet on the ground. Also, this dream could indicate liberty, sovereignty, and your expressiveness. You may be moving in the right direction and are considering the next thing to do.

The sole of a foot can represent the only support that a person is receiving in a particular circumstance.

It is possible that the dream could be a pun for ‘putting your foot in your mouth.’

To dream that you are washing your feet suggests that you need to be wary of other people who may try to take you for granted. For individuals in India, if you dream about feet, this could represent godlike attributes, as feet are considered the holiest part of the body.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Feet

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