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dream feathersAssociation: – Effortlessness, – delicacy. Question: – What is easy for me? What does tickle my curiosity?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Class of the birds, – light, – healing, – ceremonially, – message, – gift. Description: Feathers played and still play an important role in the ceremonial life of trunks close to the earth. They respect feathers as a present of the birds. A feather rescues in itself a part of the strength of that bird to whom she belonged. Consequently has a feather which comes from a bird with healing powers, also curative abilities, while the feather of a bird who is a messenger, consequently news transmits. General meaning: News, – a message from the bird’s world, – a communication of the mind beings, – a healing of a ceremony. It is important to notice many qualities to themselves with the feather from the dream so as possible. Association: A very light object or a very light person who is surrounded or those by light, – writing tools. Transcendent meaning: Gift of an ally or a mind being which has come or this to work with you.



Feathers often show the flight to the other, still to less close sides Themselves. Because they are connected with the wind and the air, they can explain to the spiritual areas of life of the dreaming. Nevertheless, feathers in a dream possibly also mean that the dreaming must lead a project only to an end, before he may allow himself rest. They fly in the wind soon here and soon there – it is the fickle in our being which the dream would like to make clear to us, a warning from the unconscious, so that we do not leave one day feathers. Can fit with springs in the dream also a symbol for gentleness and ease be – maybe for a gentler approach to a situation. It may be for the dreaming in the time to recognise that power does not continue him and that he must decide on a quieter kind. Feather is able to do high ideals, innocence, but also vanity express, this depends on the accompanying circumstances in the dream:

  • white feather stands for idealism, cleanness and innocence, maybe, however, also for a certain naivety and unripeness of the personality.
  • black feather should point after old dream books to a forthcoming misfortune.
  • the feather with which one dresses up can promise high respect and honour, but point also to vanity and craving for administration.
  • the feather which floats in the air warns about hopes and expectations which will not come true.
  • the feathers which fly around while shake a duvet should announce forthcoming quarrel.


At the spiritual level feathers symbolise the sky or the soul.



  • (from a bird) see or have: your luck is not from long duration,
  • see flying: vain hope, – a long run of bad luck with losses have, – one should control his expenditures better,
  • pluck: one wants to damage you, parasites are at work,
  • schleißen (feathers from Kiel separate): Profit, – you will separate your good friends from the bad ones,
  • writing feather: one wants from you a signature, is careful, – also: Announcement of good news,
  • write with it: good news in view,
  • black ones: big misfortune, – future bad luck,
  • white ones: always a pleasing meaning, – you will be cleaned by a suspicion,
  • dress up with it: indicates at vanity and selfishness,
  • with it be decorated: big trips,
  • see in the hat or have: your arrogance is is absent on the place, – also: You succeed in the love, – time something is to be undertaken.


  • feathers of every kind urge to you not to let discourage from the repetitions and banalities of your life, but also to give your best in times of the everyday monotony. They have an inclination to make themselves dependent from strong charms and to bore accordingly fast. It is a matter for him of counteracting.

(European ones).:

  • vanity and arrogance also dress up in the dream, – only pure, white feathers are a symbol of innocence and pure wish,
  • white ones see: one will be cleaned by a wrong suspicion,
  • white ones own: your respect and your loan will be steadfast, – joys announce, – with ease can be overcome the difficulties which position themselves to one in the way
  • softy feather: unexpected profit and public honour,
  • black ones: points to prolonged grief, – must count on disappointments and unanswered love,
  • see flying: one should control his high issues better, because one hopes in vain for a luck, – disappointments,
  • see falling round himself: it in the life have relatively easily,
  • dress up with it: a tip on too much vanity and Egozentrik,
  • with it be decorated: if means a big trip,
  • work with a feather broom: if a happy family life,
  • promises

  • see writing feather: if is valid as expected news,
  • with a writing feather write: quick good news,
  • in the hat carry: Desires are satisfied,
  • of fowl own: the fulfilment of a wish will soon enter,
  • eagle feathers: one will achieve his aims,
  • chicken feathers: if smaller nuisances promise,
  • quills or duck’s feathers sell or shop: Thrift and prosperity approach,
  • ostrich feathers or other ornamental feathers the rise promise

  • of A woman in a higher social class.
  • metal feather: no good sign, – if they break is indicated misfortune,
  • bed feathers: means annoyance,
  • bed feathers shop: good economy.


  • white ones: the luck stands on your side,
  • black ones: Danger in the suit,
  • have: you will find out infidelity,
  • see flying: your wishes will soon come true.

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