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A feast dream. In a dream, it is an omen of the abundance in your life that you deserve after hard work, especially since you want fun and entertainment that would compensate for your hard work.

Fest Dream meaning

A sumptuous feast or feast in your home indicates family happiness. The dream of a feast foretells you rest and entertainment that you will use after hard work. A feast in the wild foreshadows the temptations that the sleeping person will have to fight.


If you are drunk in a dream while dining, it may be a sign that you are materialistic or that you are too indulgent in your addictions. If you see yourself among the revelers in a dream, happiness will also benefit you in business, business, and at work.

feast dream symbol

The feasts often lasted several days and were heavily sprinkled with alcohol. A dream that you are having a rich feast in your home promises good fortune for your whole family, and you will enjoy the company of relatives, friends, and their support. If you feast with someone else in a dream, it means that you will soon indulge in innocent pleasures. Positive and negative.

A feast can be a harbinger of memorable and lofty events in the broadly understood family. If in your dream you are the only one who is not eating anything during the feast, it is a sign that you put the needs of others first.

When you perform the role of a reveler in a dream, it bodes well for you (including financial success). Especially if you dream of a wild feast in the bosom of nature, far from family fun because it symbolizes the temptations you would like to succumb to and the self-indulgence you have been giving yourself recently, which is in your case is not conducive to any area of ​​life? The feast symbolizes a sense of freedom, freedom, and the absence of any limitations in life. However, plan everything wisely and sparingly, exercise moderation so as not to fall into the gutter from the rain because you may miss something critical, and then it will not be possible to make up for it.

This symbol, regardless of what context it appears in your dream and what additional details accompany it, means that you will learn many exciting things shortly. A dream about a feast or revelers means surprises and unexpected news.

In the past, these were called family or neighborhood meetings, with good food and music, to celebrate an significant event – a wedding, a battle won, an anniversary, a reconciliation of families, etc., a pleasant surprise. Be careful because soon something unexpected may happen! When you see a feast or revelers in a dream, you will receive some fascinating information and news. It is not known precisely what or whom the news will be about, but it will not be without any impact on your life. So don’t underestimate them.


Usually, a feast promises you to receive exciting news that can significantly impact your future life.

Get drunk during a feast

A dream indicates greed and selfishness; it can also emphasize excessive indulgence in certain habits or behavior.

Do not eat during a feast

You put others’ needs ahead of your own, be careful that someone starts taking advantage of you.

Feast with someone

You indulge in innocent pleasures.

To see the feast

This means that you will receive extremely interesting information that can help you.

Participate in the feast

dream feast

Such a dream shows that you will experience a lot of pleasure.

Feasting with others

Such a dream means that you will soon indulge in innocent pleasure.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Feast

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