dream flax


dream flaxWho sees a blossoming flax field in the dream, that will not lack success and cheerfulness.


The flax is with regard to a marriage ceremony and a community of good premeaning because he is twisted, further in view of hopes and expectations because the hunting device, the cloud nets and similar instruments with which the people follow the animals far and wide, from him are manufactured., For the rest, he means the same like the Spartgras, only with lower effect. Nevertheless, one thinks that this to wholesalers and shop assistants the same do not acquire her living and people, immediately or indirectly by him, something disastrous announces.




  • break flax: Inheritance,
  • harvest: your property grows,
  • see nice flax: nice family life,
  • spin: your thrift furthers you, – savings make, – the household is protected,
  • see flax field: View of happy future,
  • Dreaming one, he finds flax which is already hatchelled, he will earn with hard work his maintenance because the processing of flax costs a lot of trouble, – is unhatchelled latter, he will come into money with less strain.
  • Being the flax still in his shells, he will await a suitable torment and conviction.

(European ones).:

  • indicates a business profit,
  • spin: one will appropriate the virtues diligence and thrift,
  • shop: meant wedding,
  • spin: happy family life,
  • flax trader: good future.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Flax

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